Saturday, January 10, 2015

Inspire - being fit with five.....

Editors note: - it has taken me all week to work on this silly blog post.  I could give you a plethora of reasons as to why - but what I have noticed most or what matters most is that God is doing a work in me and by this I am humbled, grateful, feel overwhelmingly privileged and determined to know Him more!! Goals come and go - sometimes we meet them - sometimes we don't.  But our God HE is an everlasting God.  He is the same yesterday, today and forever and He never changes.

Inspire..... that is my word for this year 2015 Lord willing.  I want to inspire and I want to be inspired.  The question now is what does that look like for me a mama of 5.

With the new year here there is lots of chit chat about getting in shape for the new year or getting fit in 2015 and that can mean different things for different people.   When I think of being fit - lots of things come to my mind - because there are a lot of ways we can be "fit" in this world.  I aspire to be spiritually fit and physically fit, mentally fit -  you get this idea.  One of my favorite quotes from a song says this "all the fitness HE requires is to feel your need of Him" and oh I how truly desire to feel my need for Him and Him alone.  Yes I want to be spiritually fit not that I will ever attain the fitness level I so desire here on this earth but I want to be working it out....

Now I don't know about you other mamas out there but when it comes to a "quiet time" for the most part I am in failure mode here.  I always have the best of intentions.  And there are seasons when I really get in a good groove.  I have a favorite spot in our family room and if I go to bed at a decent hour I can for the most part get up and start my day the way I really desire to without interruption.  But I think my kids have this sixth sense and they know when I am awake and they soon follow and the quiet morning soon disappears and then well slowly but surely my routine of getting up before them disappears.  

Then there are those mornings when we don't have a routine necessarily i.e. summer or just this week when we did have a routine and I could not get my groove back on because let me just tell you I love my sleep!!! So those mornings when I don't have to get up I am not excellent at making it a priority to do so.  And then of course once the day gets started - the time is eaten up with homeschooling, life, wearing all the hats a mama wears, etc.  Please hear my heart here - I am not making excuses just simply sharing an area of real struggle for me.  I have a tendency to be a check it off the box kind of a girl and this is an area that I don't want to be a check off the box.
While I am confessing I should also tell you I  tend to get really excited about the nine million different studies available and I want to start them all - but can't finish them because I have bitten off more than I can chew or maybe I start them and then they aren't as theologically sound as I had hoped and its back to the drawing board. 

I was recently listening to a podcast from Revive our Hearts ministries where Nancy Leigh Demoss was speaking on this very topic of devotion.  She reminded me that there is a big difference between devotions and devotion. Devotions is something we do... devotion is a communion with God.  Its kind of silly analogy but I think of the song from the Broadway show Grease "hopelessly devoted to you" ... when I finish my race here on earth I want the Father to look at me and say I was "hopelessly devoted" to Him - and thankfully devotion to Christ is anything but hopeless!!!  I was thankful for God's timing in listening to this particular message - it was a great reminder to me this mom of 5 of the importance of seeking that intentional devotion to God.  My "devotions" are not going to look the same as the mom next door or the same every day for that matter and I may or may not make it up in the dark hours of the morning as often as I would like but one thing I know for sure is that I want my devotion to be evident - to be seen for HIS glory.

What does this have to do with inspire - I want to be inspired by Gods truth to flesh out the sinful desires in my life, to be joyful in ALL things, to love to love BIG to love others like Christ loves.  I want to inspire my precious 5 to follow hard after Christ seeking Him in all they do all the while falling more in love with Jesus and His gospel.  I want to be a valuable helpmate to my sweet husband and an encourager to my dear friends.   To do this I will have to be diligent in being in Gods word so His truths can permeate me!! I am so thankful for the resources we have so readily available to us - I can physcially take my Bible anywhere I go - a luxury many do not have.  Here are a few things I am doing/planning  on doing 
  • I have started a read through the Bible in a year with This website has also done some studies through several books of the Bible.  They are currently doing John and it is corresponding with the read through.  They also have an app you can download. We are also reading through this kids Bible as a family during our family devotions at night as well as continuing to learn hymns.  

  • I really want to memorize more scripture because I really want to know God.  I think for awhile I was memorizing because it was a goal I had set and I if you know me I am kind of competitive you might say... and I as I am growing to be a woman who fears the Lord I am learning notice I say still learning that my end goal is not to say that I know so many verses in the Bible but I want my end goal to be knowing God.  Knowing Him in the moments that I might not have opened my Bible at all in a day.  If  His word is in my heart it is with me wherever I go. All that to say is I am starting out small - with Psalm 1 and I am memorizing a verse everyday.  I actually take a screen shot of the verse from my Bible app on my phone and make it my wallpaper that day so I can just look at it whenever I need to.  I really want to memorize all of Colossians at some point this year because that is my favorite book of the Bible.  I should mention a noteworthy app called Fighter Verses.  It is not free but if you are looking just to memorize a verse at a time it super helpful!! 
  • I am also going to work through a highly recommended book called Women of the Word. I am hoping to work through a book a month - that is kind of a lofty thought but I love to read ....
  • I am also reading through the book In This House We Will Giggle.  It focuses on 12 different virtues (one per month).  I am really looking forward to working through this with my fab 5 because we love to giggle!! This months virtue is JOY.  We are being fun little "joy detectives on the look out for those we come in contact with who are being joyful!! 

Another key component to fitness for me is being physically fit.  A couple of years ago I had set a goal to run a half marathon and run 500 miles in that same year.  Well that didn't happen that year. But last year it did!!! I ran two half marathons and a little over 500 miles.  It was such a great feeling of accomplishment and a good reminder to me that "the heart of a man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps." While I didn't accomplish that goal when I set it - I still was able to do those things - in Gods time not mine. This year Lord willing - I am hoping to run a full marathon 26.2 miles in November.  It has been on my radar for quite some time and my sweet DP gave the registration for me to run it for Christmas.  It was one of my favorite Christmas gifts. He has been such  great supporter of my running because long runs are time consuming.   While I will continue to run this year I am also hoping to get back into and continue with my strength training.  I finished day 5 of the workout program Insanity Max today - its a 60 day challenge program.  Side note the trainer reminds me of one of the trainers at CFA Home office that has helped me in the past - shout out to Coach Lewis!! I am so super thankful that God gave me the ability to run and that I can do it.  It really is good for me.  Obviously only the Lord can make me a better mother but I am convinced he uses running to help me along because I say - running  makes me a better mother :-) 

I am not the cleanest eater in the world i.e. I love chocolate pop tarts and coke.... but I am working towards cleaner eating with the occasional chocolate pop tart and coke - you gotta live :-) 
Truth be told there are some days where I could just eat chocolate poptarts and drink coke all day all the while never working out.  Mainly there are just days when I am tired and I have had a workout being a mama, a teacher, a nurse, a chauffeur, a cook, a counselor you name it - but then I rememeber a quote from one of my running inspirations the great Louie Zamperini - "Never give up - No matter what" and if I happen to be on a run and my legs are so tired - I think of my wounded warrior friends - the ones who can't run or who run with prothesis.  They inspire me.  

So I hope I can inspire others somehow with my running and fitness.  I have no idea what this will look like.  I am thankful to have some running partners who are like minded and I pray we can encourage each other along in our journeys - maybe to run faster, run longer or just not to quit.  And maybe the Lord will use me in my MRRT (momsrunthistown) group to encourage someone along not just in their running but in their faith.  For in the end it boils down to this - 

let us run with endurance the race that is set before us looking to Jesus the founder and perfecter of our faith.....

So friends what are you aiming for in 2015.  How do you stay spiritually and physically fit?