Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 In Review...

How do you put a whole year into words?? Ummm I can't!! As I say everytime I blog - I wish that I had blogged more - but what can I say except that I am so thankful that we have a gracious God who allows me to remember some things - not things like where I last put my keys, or where my cell phone might be - but the important things - the memory makers.  So here's a recap of sorts...

In January we saw LOTS of snow and ice for our neck of the woods!! It was a cold month with lots of warm cozy fires and this mama may or may not have gotten another year older :-)

In February we celebrated Chinese New Year, added a furry family member, and attended CFA's annual seminar where I happened to run into one of my favorite Christian artists....

In March we took a little business trip with daddy to Kentucky to visit one of favorite KY operators and his amazing family.  We also celebrated sweet Linnea bugs gotcha day!! Its hard to ever think we there was time when we didn't have her!

April was a month to remember!!! My firstborn hit double digits!! What in the world and how did that even happen!!! How do we have a 10 yo??  Nathan is growing so fast and becoming a young man before my eyes.  Praying that God will use him greatly for HIS kingdom.  And also in this fabulous month this mama met a goal she had set the year before - I finally ran that half-marathon!! It was the best experience and I am so thankful that God gave me legs that can run!!  Our sweet Ebear learned how to ride a two wheeler and Abbie got to meet our sweet friend Jacy from Irun4.  Irun4 is a group who pairs runners with children who have special needs.  The girls are both participants as buddies and I participate as a runner.  Abbie's runner is Jacy and we were able to meet her at an Irun4 function.  Linnea and I took a trip to Arkansas to visit some sweet friends who we traveled with in China.  This was probably one of my favorite trips!! We love Carrie and Bei Bei.  April ended with the glorious celebration of our risen Savior at Easter.  This was quite the month!!

May was just as fun and busy!! We got to take another business trip with daddy that resulted in Mommy spending mothers day at the beach.  It was fabulous.  We celebrated Abbies first gotcha day with us.  We had summer fever with play time in our cup de sac oasis and a few trips to the pool.  Our little Luke celebrated his 8th birthday.  He is such a tender hearted little boy who loves all things sports.

In June we had the opportunity to visit Lifeline's Birmingham office while we were in Alabama for the weekend.  During that trip David played piano for the wedding of some dear friends. It was a fun little getaway for our family.  We had some renovations in our house. We enjoyed lots of outside time and pool time.  A few doctors appointments that resulted in cupcake trips.  A fun date night first at Cafe Intermezzo!  We celebrated daddy on Fathers day and ended the month with BBC VBS!

Happy Independence day - its July!! We fireworked it up with some sweet friends for the fourth of July.  July also took us to see the Little Mermaid at the Fabulous Fox Theatre.  We had an evening trip to Stone Mountain to see the Laser show.  And thanks to CFA mommy and daddy had a little cruise getaway!!

August started the school year with both Abbie and Linnea going to new schools.  This was super big for us because not only were they going to school but they were also riding the bus!! The boys continued to homeschool participating in a school co-op on Tuesdays.

September was another month for the books.  It was not only busy it was memorable.  And of course September marks the ending of summer and the beginning of fall and of course good ole college football and some fall baseball.  September was our month for family vacation which included a trip to WDW. On our fun family vacation I got to meet the sweet little boy that I run for in our Irun4 running group!!  It also marked the end of earthly life for a remarkable man in our lives S. Truett Cathy.  We will forever be grateful for the Cathy family and are grateful for the legacy Mr. Truett left behind.  So thankful for his faithfulness to Christ and his service to all of us.  The end of the month marked birthdays for both Abbie and Ethan.  Abbie also turned double digits - 10 and my sweet Ethan turned 6 - a rite of passage for the prized BB gun.  We celebrate 4 birthdays at the end of Septmeber and beginning of October so to celebrate we took a little trip to the cabin that included a trip to Babyland General for some girlie birthdays.  Abbie and Linnea both enjoyed "adopting" their very own babies.  

October brought birthdays for both Linnea and daddy. It was also full of visits to CHOA.  We are once again so thankful for such great healthcare and we are so blessed to have CHOA so close to us.  It is super fun when we unexpectedly run into other Lifeline friends!! With Linnea being what they call a "frequent flyer" there comes a few perks - such as invitations to fairs and pink pig parties.  She is her own little celebrity with the folks at CHOA.  We also had fun celebrating fall festivals with sweet friends from church!!

Seriously my most favorite month of the year is November!! Thanksgiving is hands down my favorite holiday!! I ran my second half marathon and continued to run on in hopes of meeting my goal of 500 miles for the year.   We also celebrated Thanksgiving feasts at school with Abbie!

And here we are in December!! This month was just as fun as all the others!! DP and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary!! He truly is my prince charming and I love thinking back to all the memories we have made and look forward to LOTS more!! We had fun decorating for Christmas, carrying out family traditions and just enjoying fun family time!! I had the opportunity to visit the house that I grew up in with my sister.... talk about memories!! We celebrated Christmas day at home and then spent a few days at the cabin just enjoying some down time and our first drive in movie!! And last but not least we had a fun day at the CFA Peach bowl this afternoon!!

Happy New Year to you all!! Looking forward to 2015!!

~Give thanks to the LORD for HE is good~


Chris and Abby said...

Thanks for the update! I love your precious family and so enjoy seeing your pictures and reading your blog!

Shay Ankerich said...

I think you did a pretty super job gathering memories~ LOVED reading and looking through. Happy New Year!!! XOXO

Jean Allen said...

Loved your recall memories for 2014 and looking forward to your memories for 2015. You already know I love you and your family. Keep mothering, wifeing, and running..physically and spiritually.
<3 8)