Wednesday, April 30, 2014

a blog makeover....

Spring has sprung and my little chicks (and really this mama hen) could not be happier!!  Longer days, warmer weather - abundant sunshine (most of the time!) whats not to love about Spring!!  With this new season I had been really wanting a blog makeover.  So ta da!!! I got one.  Lest you think I am all crafty and know a thing or two about designs and blogs - think again.  I owe this all to my sweet dear friend Sharon!!!  Please please stop by her blog and take a peek at her fabulousness and if you so feel led check out the fundraisers they are having to bring home their sweet girl Holli Mei!!  I met Sharon through adoption - we actually met face to face at a pool party for adopted families from China - but I did not really get to know her until several months later when God brought us together in only a way that HE can.  We have lots in common and of course share in the journey of adoption.  I love how God put us together at just the right time and I love that we can spur one another on for HIS glory.  Thank you so much my dear friend for the blog makeover.  Maybe just maybe I will blog more often :-)

Can you believe it?? We actually got to grab some coffee and dinner solo!!  So thankful for this dear friend!! Thank you for being you!!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

HaPpY BiRtHdAy Nathan!!!

Welcome to the double digits!!!!

How it is possible that I have a 10 year old - I do not even know!! Well really I do but it just doesn't seem quite right!!  Look at that boy - he's almost as tall as I am!!  My journey to motherhood began with this not so little guy.  So thankful God entrusted us with this precious soul and the gift of being parents.  

As I reflect on this day of your birth my mind is flooded with memories.  I can remember thinking when you were just months old swinging in the baby swing (your favorite place to be) and wondering what in the world you would be like 10 years later.  Well here we are!! You are a lover of the outdoors - there is no place you'd rather be!  You love enjoying the beauty of God's creation.  You are social!! You LOVE people.  You are the child who never meets a stranger :-) you remind me of your dad in that sense.  You also remind me of daddy in another way - you have a gift for serving others  - I love to see how on trash days you will sometimes bring all the neighbors trash cans back to their driveways.  
You are a confident young boy turning into a young man right before my eyes.  I pray that your confidence will always be in Christ.  I pray that you grow to love Him more and more throughout your lifetime and that you will live for HIS glory alone.  I am so thankful to get to be your mamma.  May God give us many more birthdays to celebrate with you.  
We love you!!
~Mamma and Daddy too :-)