Saturday, September 21, 2013


A couple of weeks ago I got the idea from a friend to start menu planning - not just supper but breakfast lunch and supper.  Can I just say that this new little area of planning in my life has made a huge difference.  Not just for me but for everybody.  Tonight right after I posted the menu for the week up on the fridge the kids were all flocked to it - Nathan reading out what we were having to eat this week.  It was kind of fun to watch!!

this photo is from a couple of week ago
So what do I do - how do I do it?  When I first started doing this a couple of weeks ago I just made up things to eat and then made a list and my sweet hubs went to the grocery store.  Yes I have the best husband ever because he usually does the grocery shopping - yep he's a keeper.  Anyway I digress.  Well the next week I decided I would check what was in the freezer and what we had on hand and then I made up my menu.  DP had also suggested I check Southern Savers to see what was on sale and what coupons were out now to help plan out the menu.  Now I think I have it down to a science at least for me.  DP checks Southern Savers and gives me a list of whats on sale (yes I know I am spoiled - he is a keeper) then I take that list plus what we already have on hand and make a menu - type it out, print it up and stick it to the fridge.  I do this on Saturday afternoon or evening and we are ready for the week.  I usually don't plan out meals on Saturdays b/c its our laid back day and Sunday morning I try to do something quick and easy since we are kind of busy in the morning.  Having all this planned out has been so helpful!!  This is whats on the menu this week: (no judging) :-)

cereal bars / leftover chicken biscuits / cereal/ monkey bread / eggs n biscuits / baked french toast
leftovers / hot ham n cheese crescents carrots / sandwiches chips yogurt / hot dogs french fries apples / sandwiches chips grapes / chicken nuggets oranges 
leftovers / BBQ chicken veggies / leftovers / pizza / taco salad corn / leftovers or pizza

In all seriousness I don't always eat what the kids are eating at lunch and breakfast after all they are still young lads who can still enjoy hot dogs and pb&j's without worrying!!  I am reading this book right now Trim Healthy Mama.  Once I finish it up maybe I will give it a review.  So far I am enjoying learning about how our bodies process food and how to plan accordingly so I can be a "trim healthy mama" who cooks and plans well for her family.  Happy planning!!

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