Monday, September 2, 2013

5 things I learned taking 5 children on vacation.....

We had such a good time and I have lots of pictures but I am working on a photo editor so it will be easier to load - so check back I will try and get them up.  However in the meantime I had to write down the five things I learned about taking 5 kids on vacation.  These are not in any particular order as they are all equally important learned lessons.

1. Pack light - which I did - I fit all three of us girls in this one duffle bag - including shoes...

I thought I was doing good.  Even the boys only had a small sports bag for their things.  Well all you really need is bathing suits, underwear a play outfit and a nice outfit - they wore the same thing every day.  And again I didn't pack that much!!!

2.  My mini van can hold way more than I ever gave it credit for - I don't know how we managed to have more than we came with because all we really brought home were the extra groceries and seashells but our van was on overload - and she can take it!!   

3.  NEVER and I mean NEVER go family grocery shopping.... David usually always runs to the grocery store while I unpack and get us settled, we have already planned a menu and he likes to go in and get out.  He thought it might be fun if I went along too this time since I never usually go.  IT WAS NOT FUN.  We both learned a valuable lesson that day - if at all possible do not take 7 people to the grocery store together.  We lost a whole day of vacation...or at least it felt like that :-)

4.  We can count to 5 million - I am sure we did it- always in groups of five.  You know 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 yep they are all here. 

5.  Reading material is no longer necessary on vacation - there is NO time for it.  I once was able to read two or three books on vacation - for now that is a thing of the past I barely got a few chapters read.  

All that aside - I would not trade our time or memories for anything.  Even now that we are home I will just think of something funny and bust out laughing - that is what vacation is really all about - enjoying every moment - even the crazy ones!!  

So blessed - full heart!!


Shay Ankerich said...

A great five things for sure!!! Glad you are home and hope you are ready for tomorrow!!! XOXO

Anonymous said...

Dear friends,
I just got caught up on your blog, what a blessing and joy! Now that labor day is over, school begins, having home schooled Nate and Becki thru high school, I want to encourage u to enjoy the journey, take advantage of family trips when every one else is in school, don't get to bogged down in "formal" book education. Kids learn so much from experience and hands on, have fun! In the end their relationship with God, and their integrity are most important. Keep up the good work of bring a servant of the Lord thru you kids. Love Gert