Friday, August 16, 2013

new friends....

You know how you meet someone once but don't really have the chance to get to know them - but you are aware of who they are and maybe even keep up with them via a blog or facebook - but then circumstances and in my opinion the sovereignty of God brings you together again - and you feel like you have known this person forever?  Well that is how I feel about my new sweet friend Sharon Ankerich.  She is a sister in Christ, fellow adoptive mama of precious Chinese babies and a homeschooler as well and a great encourager!!!  God has been so gracious to put her in my life at just the right time and I am so grateful He did.  We met last summer at an adoption get together at our friend Andrea's pool,  and haven't really "talked" since then but God in HIS infinite wisdom and sovereignty brought us together last month and I tell you I think I have talked/emailed/texted with this sweet friend so frequently that when several days go by and we haven't heard from one another we feel as if its been forever!  While we live in the same great state of GA we live a bit far from one another so I recently suggested we try to hook up somewhere in the middle and get our families together - and so we did at  a Gwinnett Braves game.  We got really cheap seats as in $3!! It was such a fun night.  We knew that by the end of the night the kids would have all warmed up to one another and then it would be time to go - yep we were right.  We enjoyed pretzels, cotton candy, getting game balls, and most importantly one anothers company.  Ankerich family we can't wait to do it again.  Here are some fun pics from a great night!!

they could be sisters... they look so alike

not so happy about the mascot... 
I think she likes cotton candy

oh I love this sweet girl! she was so "cold"

two mamas and her babies

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Shay Ankerich said...

It was the BEST night and LOVED hanging with your family!!! I am thankful God brought us together as friends!!! XOXO