Thursday, August 1, 2013

leaving the "fog" behind...

Well, I finally feel like I have come back to the land of the living somewhat.  The adoption "fog" as they call it is slowly but surely lifting and there is somewhat of a normal routine falling into place in our home.  Now don't get me wrong I'm not out and about traipsing to Target or Kroger with 5 kids in tow but I might be getting there....maybe :-).  I know its been a few weeks since I've blogged and its not that I haven't thought about it - I have - its that I just haven't.  I don't even know if I've had the words to blog or adequately express all that is been transpiring in the Pruiksma's corner of the world - but here I am tonight and I will catch you up as best I can!

First off we are embarking on the new adventure of homeschooling!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  I am so excited about this for a plethora of reasons.  Flexibility being one, not living in my care being another.  We go to so many drs. appointments and therapies that I felt like I was in the car a lot, and that's when I just had one special needs kiddo.  But now onto a much more important reason - I only have a tiny speck of time (in the scheme of the grand design of life) to be with my children and I want to savor these moments.  I want to teach them.  I want to love on them and I want to saturate them with the gospel.  Now I will do all of these things imperfectly and I already know this - however I do know that God will use me and He will use this time and He will use this time we have together for HIS glory and HIS purposes.  You might be wondering how in the world this is going to happen - well I will tell you a little secret .. Ethan and Linnea are going to preschool and that is how I think I can do this.  I have loved the time that my other sweet kiddos got to spend at the preschool nearby and I don't want Ethan or Linnea to miss out and selfishly I love all the little crafts and muffins with moms that they do.  The littles won't go to school everyday E will go M- Thurs. and Linnea will go Tue.- Thurs.  and its only half day. This gives me a few hours in the mornings to work with my oldies.  I think this will work out quite nicely.  We aren't starting hard core school til after Labor day - but we have already established some routines and I am sneaking in a little bit of school here and there and the kids don't even know it! This really is a privilege for me and I am so thankful that my husband has confidence in me to do the job.  I know I was a teacher but teaching your own kids is totally different.  And friends when I get down in the trenches of homeschool and want to quit - please kindly remind me of my excitement at this moment!!

Our little fam or big fam however you look at it is doing well.  We are adjusting to being a family of seven and we have good days and bad days.  I think Abbie is attaching to our family so well.  She has picked up a few English words/phrases such as no, stop that, yes maam, thank you, Ethan James, Luke, Nathan, mommy, daddy, sleeping, outside, I love you... - and probably a few others I am forgetting.  Her siblings are still trying to get used to her and I know that is a work in progress (and another good homeschool reason).  Both girls have had lots of drs. appointments and I am thankful that we live close to two major children's hospitals.  These girls have and will go through a lot.  Oh how I took my boys health for granted.  And just because a child looks perfectly normal it doesn't mean that they are and I mean that in the nicest way.  My girls are beautiful (yes I know I am biased) and if Abbie didn't have an enlarged head you might not know there was anything wrong with her - but that couldn't be farther from the truth.

Sweet Abbie has been having seizures - probably since she was born and was recently diagnosed with a rare brain disorder that happened while she grew in her China mommy's tummy.  It cannot be surgically fixed and there are no therapies to make it better. We have no idea what to expect long term but that doesn't mean we aren't hopeful - we are!! Who knows what God has planned for this sweet girls life!! He brought her all the way from China to here and HE created her so we for sure have HOPE!!   She has started seizure meds and has some of the best doctors on her team we are awaiting some genetic blood work and then will meet with her neurologist again later this month.  We are also going to have an ABR hearing test this month as well.  With her condition comes hearing loss - something I am now somewhat familiar with - God was preparing me - you think?!!

Cutie Cakes Linnea is still plugging along.  She recently had some surgery and will have one more sometime this fall to fix a palate issue she has in her mouth and hopefully that will resolve some of our speech problems.  We are still in speech therapy and thankfully we have gotten someone to come to us - which means one less place to go!! Yea!!! We met with genetics a few weeks ago and had some blood work done and we are awaiting those results as well as seeing some other specialists in the mean time and then will have a follow up with genetics again.  Because of the many anomalies she was born with she likely has some type of syndrome we are just not sure what - and again not sure what that will mean but this girl is a firecracker so I am not worried!  All 21 lbs of her is dynamite :-)

We have recently taught all the kids minus the cutie cakes how to play Uno and therefore we have played every night!!  Tonight we tried to pick up Rummy but they just insisted that we play Uno!  Even Abbie has gotten in on the action and beaten us a few times!!  I love their expressions and their strategy in playing the game.  I think DP and I laugh so hard we cry sometimes.  Such precious memories.  I look forward to teaching them other games!!

Today we went tubing - yep you read that right we took all five of our kiddos tubing.  We did go with another family.  I must say it was quite the adventure - but again such sweet memories and two exhausted parents :-)

God has been so gracious to me - doing such a work in my heart and reminding me of my utter dependence upon Him in this walk of mama-hood.  I LOVE this verse in Phillipians (I LOVE a lot of verses but this one has been really working on me recently) "Not that I am speaking of being in need for I have learned in whatever situation to be CONTENT."  Paul wrote this in chains in prison for goodness sake - so I think I have a few lessons to learn and I am grateful God is patient with me and continues to teach me even when though I am undeserving.

Thanks for letting me catch you up a bit.  

A little Uno fun!!

the tubing crew.  thankful for such sweet friends!

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Karen said...

Leigh Ann - I showed Cami AiLiu your blog - and she definitely remembers Abbie from Maoming. Can you email me when you have a few minutes?

Loved reading your journey - so many similarities to ours - including the displaced littlest princess! You will be encouraged to know that even as I write this, they displace-ee and the displace-er are happily playing together and have been for hours now!