Saturday, August 17, 2013

homeschool homeschool jiggity jig...

I am so super excited to be homeschooling this year and so very thankful that I know mama's who have trod this path and been willing to share their successes and failures.  And oh my land - what did we do before technology??!! There are tons of websites and blogs and resources out there on the world wide web. I have homeschooled before but when I did - I did it through the online public charter school here in GA no planning on my part neccessary.  This year I wanted to do my own thing and so I am.  I am not using one particular curriculum but an assortment of a few I really liked.  I guess you could say its kind of eclectic :-)  Here's what we are using

Bible ~ Gods Promises 
Ten Commandments and Books of the Bible Songs
A Psalm a month/A Hymn a month
(I may change these out quicker depending on how quickly they catch on)

Reading/Spelling ~ Luke: All About Reading/All About Spelling

Math ~ Nathan: Teaching Textbooks

Writing ~ Luke:  Writing with Ease
Luke/Abbie : A Reason For Handwriting 

Science/Read Aloud ~  Luke/Abbie :Apologia : Exploring Creation With Astronomy

Social Studies ~ I made up my own on this one thanks to a dear friend : we are going to learn our 50 states and all the US presidents.  I have maps to color, place mats to look at, a puzzle and some $1 books from Target!

I will continue our reading a chapter book at lunch tradition - the kids really love this.  We just finished up Charlotte's Web - not sure what we will start on Monday.

Ethan and Linnea will be going to preschool at a local church but we will do Bible in the morning before its time for school and I am hoping to throw calendar and social studies in as well as I think they would enjoy the songs and puzzles.  They are only half day just 3 and 4 days a week so we will all be home on Fridays and I have adopted from my sweet friend that I mentioned above Fun Fridays and Free Fridays for us all to be a part of.  Nathan is also taking part in Konos - so he will be gone one day a week as well.  Many have asked what I am going to do with Abbie.  Sweet Abbie is working so hard to learn the English language - so we will continue working on that as well as colors, numbers, shapes, the alphabet, and fine motor skill activities.  This girl is learning all day long every day simply because she is in a new environment with a new language, new sights, smells and sounds.  This girl is learning and the best place she can be right now is home with her family. 

Right now we are planning on doing school in the kitchen area but we are working on making one of the rooms upstairs in our house a homeschool room.  Its a work in progress.  So for now all of our homeschool stuff was all over the dining room floor in neat piles....

Then I remembered and thought to myself I should go get the bookshelf that we are going to use in the home school room and just put the books that are on it on another book shelf and bring that shelf into the dining room and then I won't have our school books all over the floor anymore and voila...

Doesn't that look so much neater!!  Earlier in the week I put together each child a morning notebook - it this notebook are : Psalm for the month, Hymn for the month, Song sheets for: books of the bible song, ten commandments song, states song, Presidents song, Continents song, and Directions song,  List of states and presidents, map, and calendar.  They each have their own color notebook and a colored journal to match as well as colored reading sticks that I made thanks to pinterest

I am so thankful that my sweet husband trusts me to teach our children at home - and I am thankful that God put this on my heart even when I was adamant just a few short months ago that there was no way that I could possibly do this.  HE clearly knows whats best for me ;-)  We are not full fledge starting school until after Labor day but next week we are going to start getting into routine - we always do Bible time in the morning at breakfast so I am just going to add our morning notebook time and Math.  Then we will really get going on September 3 complete with first day pictures! 

A fellow homeschool mama I know came up with her own blog for homeschooling and used it as a yearbook to print out at the end of the year.  I LOVE this idea - so I am looking for a catchy blog name for homeschooling - have any ideas??  I have no idea how I would keep it up as terrible as I am with this blog but I can certainly try right?  So if you think of any clever blog names for homeschooling leave me a comment.  In the meanwhile I will be thinking too!!

Its way past my bedtime... must go get some sleep!! Nite :-)


Angie said...

How about Pruiksma's Primary School? That would work until Nathan advances to middle school in a couple of years! :)

Shay Ankerich said...

I'm thinking!!! Yay!