Thursday, August 29, 2013

can a picture paint 1000 words?


I think sometimes a picture can actually paint more than 1000 words and then sometimes I think you just can't have a picture for everything.  

We have been so  blessed this week to be on vacation!!  No school, no doctors appointments, no tests, the sound of the roaring ocean and daddy 24/7!!  Woo Hoo.  Can I say it - yes it has been nice not having to go anywhere!!  The kids have been having so much fun playing in the sand, boogie boarding,  playing UNO a billion times, having daddy around to let them eat lots of snacks :-)  It has really been so great.  The water has not been at its peak because of the rainy summer - in other words its pretty "seaweedy" as the kids say.  We had been planning all along to visit this State Park area that we went to last year and do some snorkeling.  The water was pristine - like the Caribbean last year.  The kids have been so excited to go and snorkel - Ethan especially as he just learned the art of snorkeling in our neighbors pool.  We were all really looking forward to this little adventure as the water where we are at is not good snorkeling water.  So off we headed this morning to find not so good snorkeling water.  The local girl told us that the rain had caused the rivers that run into the baby to flood and so the excess water as dumping into the bay along with the pine needles etc, and it was staining the water terribly and all they have had here since July was rain.  Can you say there was some disappointment in our crew.  Um yes!!!  However I reminded the kids that God always has a reason for everything including the fact that we were not getting into that water.  We hung around the water for a bit and I am so glad we did because we got quite the show - a dolphin show that is.  Ethan spotted the dolphins.  We nicknamed him the dolphin watcher. We saw dolphins and we saw some more dolphins - we even saw a mama and a baby dolphin.  The baby dolphin was quite the performer jumping in and out of the water for us to see.  Oh the big kids were hollering get the camera mama, get the camera - and you know what - I didn't!!! I sat right next to my sweet baby boy who really isn't a baby so much anymore and took in those special moments with him.  It really is almost impossible for me to describe the delight, excitement and wonder this little dolphin show brought to my little guy - but I am more than glad that I chose to forgo the camera and watch the excitement unfold through his eyes. It was a precious few moments for this mama.  And while pictures from a camera certainly would have been amazing - (I mean seriously how often do you see dolphins completely jumping out of the water in their natural habitat) - there can be nothing more amazing then experiencing it with my face glued to Ethans - it was priceless - a memory I will always cherish.  

After we were done dolphin watching we decided to take a ride down to some of the other beaches in the area to see if we could find some clear water where some snorkeling and fish seeing might take place.  We found the perfect spot and headed down to the beach.  We were all able to get into the ocean water.  Abbie for the first time.  She enjoyed parts of it but I think prefers playing in the sand.  Linnea loves the water so she was happy as long as mommy or daddy were around with her.  Nathan and Luke had no trouble snorkeling away catching hermit crabs, trying to catch a fish or two.  And yes our sweet Ebear got to snorkel in the ocean for the first time - and again there are no pictures except the ones daddy and I have in our mind - but it was oh so special.  He was so proud of himself!  In a way he grew up a little bit today - he was finally out there with his big brothers - not left out - not the baby brother - at least not in that moment anyway.  I am so thankful we got to experience this with him.  The 2 minutes I actually got to stick my head in the water and snorkel with him might be my favorite part of our whole vacation.  It was a sweet time.   

Once we were tired of the water and snorkeling we headed back to the car and got cleaned up.  Before we left we stopped at the local market and got some "old fashioned" bottled drinks.  We visited a few shops and then made our way back to our home away from home - where we later "crab hunted" :-)

What started out to seem was going to be a disappointing day turned out to be a fabulous day.  And while I did not have the camera out snapping away - we did a few pictures - but they really don't do the day justice.  

he had quite the day :-)

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Jean's Ramblings said...

Vacation w/five children!!! For the record..NOT for me. I totally enjoyed reading about your adventure and love so much that you all had fun together. God always has a plan for His children, I'm so glad that you are keeping notes about how His plan is working in your family. Some day before they are all grown and away in college, I hope to meet all of the children.
What blessings are in store for the Pruikmas! I am anxious to hear about all of them.
Love and hugs,