Monday, August 5, 2013

our favorite doctor - for real!!!

So when I say we see a lot of specialists - I am not making that up. Well this one - Dr. Clifton - he is by far my whole families FAVORITE!!!  He was actually a second opinion and I am more than grateful for my friend Kim Shimer who recommended him - for multiple reasons.  The first being that he actually was way more proactive about Linnea's condition than the first opinion I got.  However he's our favorite because he treats Linnea like she was one of his own - he is the only doctor she lets hold her.  Anytime we have to go to the doctor she always says "Dr. Clifton?" in the cute little way she says his name.  When Linnea had her first surgery I cannot tell you how many times I told him he needed to pretend that she was his child on the OR table and he said to me - "I try to treat every patient that way." Perfect!  That is exactly what this mama needed to hear and that is why he's our families favorite.  He didn't just treat Linnea he treated our whole family.  When we were doing our weekly visits to CHOA there were often times when I had to take some of the other kiddos with me and he was just as good with them as he was with Linnea.  In fact my kids play "Dr. Clifton" - its hilarious.  If you know me I ask lots of questions and he was always willing to answer them and teach me how to care for Linnea in the best way possible. He also has the best office assistant - she always calls back in a timely manner and is just so super sweet.  I tell you they have set the bar way high for other doctors offices.  I have recommended Dr. Clifton to several friends - I even have a friend who drove from South Carolina who came to see him and felt the same way I did - He's a great doctor!! So if you ever need a peds surgeon I have got the one for you!

This picture was taken at our last post-op visit at CHOA Egleston. It was in a weird kind of way bitter sweet.  You have to remember we have been seeing these specific doctors and nurses for a little over 6 months and sometimes during those months we were seeing them weekly.  They called us the frequent flyers - sad but true.  We are so thankful to have had such great care!! Thank you Dr. Clifton and team!!  You truly are our favorite doctor!! Thank you!!!

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