Saturday, June 15, 2013

The little princess...

We have had several friends ask recently about Linnea and how she is doing adjusting to having a new big sister around - so I thought I would take a few minutes and update you on our littlest princess.  She does not like having a big sister.  In Linnea's defense the very first impression she got of Abbie was Abbie pulling her dress up to see if she was wearing a diaper or not.  No lie that is the very first thing Abbie did to her upon meeting her in the civil affairs office in China.  So needless to say I am not sure they quite got things started off on the right foot.  It also doesn't help that Abbie likes to be a little mother.  This little princess of mine was used to getting all the attention because she was the only girl in our family - and now that dynamic has changed and she's not quite liking it.  And well Abbie does demand my attention these days .... the funny thing is out of the two girls Linnea is the most medically needy - so in the long run she will likely get more of my attention than Abbie may - but of course she can't understand that now.  They do share some moments of fun and laughter and I envision in several months they might be good buddies.  They have so much in common and just don't realize it yet.  Abbie really does love Linnea for the most part - its Linnea that doesn't so much love Abbie.  Linnea really is struggling.  She is a mamas girl and she wants no one to forget that.  Some of her behaviors from when we first came home with her are resurfacing and there are other new behaviors that she is showing off to us for attention.  She has quite the bottom lip these days....When she is not frowning though she is oh so adorable and actually when she is frowning it is the most pathetic little look one can't help but scoop her up or laugh!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that she will just walk up to me and plant a little kiss on my lips or cheek  - its one of my favorite things about her -and to think she didn't even know how to show love a year ago is amazing to me.  That little princess has come soo far.  She is working so hard to try and communicate with us and she is communicating far better than she ever has.  We discovered right before we left for China that Linnea has a sub mucus cleft palate which is one of the major reasons she is not able to talk!!  This is correctable with surgery and we are looking at having that done sometime in August after she has met with a geneticist.  Because of the many special needs that Linnea's little body presents with she more than likely has some type of genetic syndrome which is why we are going ahead with the testing.  This testing will take place in July and I feel like it will give us so many answers and help us to better plan for this sweet girls future.  Don't let this tiny 21lb little girl fool you - she is full of herself and we just know the Lord has great plans for her life regardless of her medical conditions.

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