Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy One Month Abbie cakes!!

I know all parents say this - but seriously how in the world it has been a month is CRAZY!!  (kind of like our day- but I will spare you all those details!) While this sweet girl sure has given me a run for motherhood - I cannot even imagine life without her.  What a difference four weeks can make.  She is the most beautiful child and has a smile that can light up the room!  She is settling in and of course still learning the ropes and adjusting.  She knows a few English words and thinks it is very funny for "daddy baba" to say "oh my land!" She tries to mimic him and gets herself so tickled.  She is attached to her mama and follows me around often.  She is struggling at bedtime and we are unsure of what her insecurities are but they are there and so we comfort and encourage.  Her fits of rage are decreasing and she is learning how to better handle her anger.  A friend said to me today - just think about the noticeable differences in her life now and how much more different she will be when she has Christ as her Savior - I thought that was so fitting and true - good things to think about.

Today Abbie got to become acquainted with our friends at CHOA.  Tomorrow Abbie will undergo an MRI to see how her hdyrocephaly is and what our treatment plan is going to be.  We are so blessed to live by an incredible team of doctors for both of our girls at Children's Healthcare.  She presents some signs of a possible genetic syndrome so we are hoping to get her in with the geneticist when Linnea goes next month. One of the components of this syndrome is possible hearing loss and speech impairment - I am all too familiar with that aren't I..... which reminds me of a funny story.... well I think its funny and I have to laugh because if I don't laugh then I would probably cry.  It is important to note the boys are not home at this time its just me and the girls. This afternoon I was out on the deck and I hear crying inside - which sounded like Linnea - so I rush in to find Abbie and Linnea standing next to one another but Abbie is the one crying and Linnea is just standing there looking at her so I of course ask "whats wrong, what happened!!!??" Did I seriously just ask my two daughters who can't speak, hear or understand English and expect an answer......what was I thinking??!!!  ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! I thought it was kind of funny!!

Well a month has come and gone .... heres to many more Lord willing!! Happy one month Abbie cakes!!! God loves you and we do too!!

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