Monday, May 20, 2013

what we've been up to

It looks as things are right on schedule with the Embassy here in GZ so that means that we will be able to have our Consulate Appointment and Wednesday morning and be home on Friday!!  Woo hoo!! 4 days and my family will be together again!!

We have been pretty busy these past few days so it does make the days go by quicker.  While I am so ready to be home with my whole family there are things I will miss about this city I love - but I will post more on that later.  Right now I will let you know what we've been up to these past few days.  

Sunday morning we got up and were able to go to an International Church Service.  Oh my I most definitely needed this!! What an encouragement to my soul!!  The music was fantastic and the message was deep - hard core and it was on raising children - isn't God soo good!!  It was refreshing and God used that time to remind me and encourage me - especially in my plight with Abbie.  When she gets into her fits - not only is there a physical battle that I am fighting - there is also a spiritual war going on. We are doing battle for her soul.  Thankfully God is in control of all things and regardless of what I do or don't do - He's got this covered.  He did though call us to where we are - to adopt Abbie and we are answering His call and I am convinced He will equip us with what we need along the way!!  Abbie is doing better each day - but its still hard.  I can't imagine what she is thinking.  Thankful for grace!

After church we grabbed some lunch with some friends at the local McDonalds.  Abbie will only eat the french fries - can't say that I blame her :-)  After a nap we headed out with some other Lifeline families to the Liwan plaza - basically the local shopping district where you can buy good jade, pearls, and other Chinese type souvenirs as well as some pretty cheap DVDs.  When we arrived back at the hotel we caught up with our dear friends the Caldwells.  I have to just write about these sweet friends another time but the also adopted from Maoming - a little boy.  So excited for them!!  They came over to our room where we all had some yummy pizza.  

On this mornings (Monday) agenda was the zoo.  It was HOT and miserable!!  We did see a few really big snakes so that was a hit - but we didn't stay long as it was so hot and humid.  

Tonight we went to the circus!!  The number one rated thing to do here in Guangzhou is go to the circus and I am so glad we went.  It was an amazing show.  I am guessing it will be one of the highlights of Nathans trip.  It really was fantastic and I highly recommend it!!

Well my eyes are getting heavy so I will leave you with some pics.  These are just a few as we have many!! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update.. and I love the stroller riding technique. :) Reminds me when.... :) Love the 4 Hutsels

Jean's Ramblings said...

So thankful for the insight you give us along the way. Your faith in God is a lesson in action for all of us. It is an exciting journey for you and your family, where even the difficult times show that faith in action. We love you, prayers for strength and peace are in our hearts as you continue your journey and live out the plans God has for you.