Tuesday, May 21, 2013

just hanging around...

Today was somewhat uneventful as we had nothing on the agenda except for a dinner boat cruise this evening.  Nathan and I worked on school and then we had an opportunity to go out and take a walk to the local Aeon (kind of like a super Target and shopping mall combined) while the girls took a nap. I enjoyed being able to browse a store with two free hands and it was good to have some time with Nathan.  A funny story.  While Nathan was working on his math today Abbie decided she would practice writing her numbers as well.  As soon as Nathan noticed this he says "hey mom look Abbie is writing in Americanese!!"  It was so funny!!

It was nice to be able to just stay in our room and not have meetings and things that we had to get to.  I know most people would be bored but being out so much gets to be too much for Abbie and that can actually trigger a meltdown - we almost made it all day without one - but this evening we had a little one.  Things are getting better. I have a feeling though once we get home it might get worse again and then get better.  We are going to really have to work hard once we are home.  Abbie is so friendly even here - she would bond with these other families if we let her.  We are thankful to be with other families who know the importance of ignoring her so to speak.  She's so cute she can be hard to ignore especially when she wants to touch you.  Please pray that we would be good nesters at home and that others would understand the importance of this "cocooning" phase for our family.

This morning after breakfast we ran into our friends the Caldwells who just got their little boy from Maoming yesterday.  We met them in the lobby and this was the first time he and Abbie have seen one another outside of the orphanage.  As soon as he saw her his face lit up and he exclaimed "AiMu" (which is Abbie's Chinese name.)  It was one of the most precious things I have seen.  I wish we would have caught it on video.  I am so thankful for all the Maoming mamas I know.  What a bond we all share!

The dinner boat cruise was pretty much like I remembered it from last year except this year it rained pretty much the whole time.  I am thankful that towards the end we are able to get out and get a few pictures.  It cracks me up that they run out of plates and out of food - not that it was that good or edible. We thankfully knew to snack before hand.

Tomorrow is our Consulate Appointment!!  Hooray - this is the last check in the box!!  Abbie will get her visa and we will be on our way home Thursday night.  It is bittersweet as I think about it - believe it or not there are things I will miss about this place and I am pretty sure I won't be back again in a year :-)

Here are a few pics from the day....  or maybe not - actually I have tried to download them three times now and I keep losing the internet - so check back later.... I have to go to bed!

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