Saturday, May 11, 2013

Jetlag, Beijing Day 1 and Hello Guangzhou!!

I soo should be in the bed trying to sleep but you could say jet lag is running its course on me!!  I think it has been much worse this time for me.  I wanted to blog last night (China time) but I was so super exhausted I couldn't think straight.  Aside from the jet lag and a little lost luggage we have had an amazing time so far!!  The kids have been amazing minus the moment that jet lag overtook Nathan.  They have been so good to go with the flow and take it all in.  Nathan has done well trying all kinds of different foods.  Today was the first day he actually piped up when we were discussing lunch plans and he said I want "american" food.  So of course we indulged and had some Mcdonalds!  Linnea has been saying "Ni Hao" like crazy!! It is so funny who would have thought Chinese words were easier to say than English!!  Beijing was so much fun and there is always so much to take in!!  Here is a little synopsis of our Beijing stay with pictures to follow.  

Friday morning after breakfast which Nathan coined the "best breakfast" he's ever had we headed out to the Great Wall.  The great wall is 670 km long and covers 3 different provinces.  We wanted to go to a different part of the Wall than where we went last year and we wanted to be able to ride cable cars for the kids. We drove about two hours out and climbed the Mu Tain Yu part of the Wall.  The weather was absolutely amazing.  We actually witnessed blue skies in China - that is so rare.  The temperature was not too hot and there was a beautiful breeze.  This is probably one of my favorite places in China.  It was Nathan's favorite part of the day.  After the Great Wall we stopped and had some lunch at a "simple" chinese restaurant - I am not sure there was anything simple about it - but that is what our guide kept calling it.  Speaking of our guide - Eric was so wonderful and I would highly recommend him to anyone visiting the Beijing area!!  After lunch we headed to the Olympic Village - it was a two hour ride back so we all fell asleep in the van as we were soo tired.  It was at the Village where the jetlag overcame Nathan.  He was so tired!!  So we did not stay super long.  We then went to the silk market so Nathan could see how silk was made.  After that Eric took us to the "Dr. Tea House" where w tried 4 different types of Chinese tea.  This was very relaxing and gave us a chance to refresh before meeting some friends for dinner.  I think besides the Great Wall this was one of my favorite parts of Beijing.  For Chinese their tea houses are like our Starbucks.  After tea we went to a local mall to meet some friends we met last year in China.  The Parkmans.  Our good friend Laura introduced us last year via email when we were in Beijing.  We ate at now one of my most favorite places to eat Din Tai Fung.  They have the most amazing Chinese dumplings hmmm hmm good!!  After dinner of all things the Parkmans took us to get foot massages.  Girlfriends we are being ripped off in the states!!  This was again totally fun and super cheap!!  One hour of foot massaging for less than $10 U.S. dollars - crazy!! These massage places are open until like 1 am and our friends told us its very popular for the locals - almost like we go see movies at night - the Chinese go get foot massages. 

Well I wanted to post all about Beijing on day two as well but I HAVE to get some sleep!! We made it to Guangzhou safe and sound with our luggage and my dear friend Miko was there to greet us at the airport!!  Such a sweet time for me to see her again!!  For now enjoy the pics from Friday and check fb for more and after I have a nap tomorrow which I will need - I will post some more!! Abbie day is coming soon!!!

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