Thursday, May 9, 2013

I'm pinching myself....we made it to Beijing again!!

WOW!!!   We made it to Beijing!! As our plane was making its final descent into the city I got all those giddy feelings and was reminded of how much I love this country.  I can't believe I am here again and yes I am pinching myself!!   We had a little change of plans once we got to the airport in ATL.  Our original flight to Tokyo had been delayed by several hours and that was going to cause us to miss our connection to Beijing.  Thankful for the many prayers of our dear friends and family God worked it out and we were able to get on a different flight which went to Seattle and then on to Beijing.  I was thankful to have the short leg of the trip in front and the long leg last.  The kids (Nathan and Linnea) did exceptionally well.  They were pretty wired the first leg and we were not all sitting together - David and Nathan were in the back of the plane and Linnea and I were up toward the front.  Linnea was wired!!!  She is going to LOVE roller coasters.  She was giggling the whole take off!!  We were all sitting together on the second trip.  Linnea slept the majority of the last leg which was somewhat nice - I woke her up when we had a few hours left hoping she would sleep somewhat tonight here - but it is 3:20 am and well we are all pretty much awake!!  We all made it to Beijing but our luggage did not - likely due to the change in flights - it should be here tomorrow and thankfully we packed extra in our carry on so we are good to go.

I had every intention of blogging before I left as I had a gamut of emotions running around in my head and I wanted to remember everything I was feeling but I just didn't find the time.

We are so thankful for your prayers!! We are so excited to be here again.  God has been gracious to give us this privilege!!!

Tomorrow we head out to see the Great Wall.  How kind of God to let me experience China by myself and then with my husband and now with my first born.  Amazing!!

Well I probably should try to sleep.  We will update as we can - as I know what its like to be on the other side of the planet waiting for the updates :-)

night night from Beijing :-)


Barb said...

So excited for you!

Barb said...

SO excited for you!

Barb Stryker

RanAshKenCoop said...

YEA!!! So excited for you guys and following along! Can't wait for all your updates!

klc112792 said...

I haven't checked your blog in quite sometime but yesterday something told me to check. What a great surprise to see that you were on your way to China! Please know that we are praying for all of you! We'll be following along.
Carol Clark
P.S. Kaitlyn says to tell Nathan to have a great time in China!

amybeth said...

Yahoo!!!!! So very excited for y'all (and a little jealous you are in Kate's birth town)
Can't wait to see your daughters together!!!!