Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gotcha day - 1 year later...

My sweet princess Linnea,

It is 1:55pm March 19, 2013.  Last year this day at this time the minutes could not go by fast enough!!  I was eagerly awaiting the very moment we were to meet you for the first time.  I will never forget the moment you and your tiny body with your skinny little legs walked toward me and I scooped you up into my arms.  In just one moment our lives were both forever changed.  I look at you and I am in awe. In awe of the trust that you have for your daddy and I.  A year ago we were complete strangers - and not just strangers but strangers that didn't even look like you.  Today I am no longer a stranger - I am your mama.  While your communication is clearly underdeveloped and you are severely delayed in your speech - you say mama so clearly it makes my heart leap thinking about it.  You also say daddy, nay nay (Nathan), nu nee (Luke) eee (Ethan) and Ab bee (Abbie) - you know your family.

Oh my sweet girl as I sit here and watch you play the transformations that have taken place in your little life are amazing.  I cannot adequately express the emotions I am feeling today so I won't begin to even try.  What I want you to know more than anything else is this ~ it is my prayer that regardless of what challenges lie ahead - you will know that you were created by a Holy and Perfect Father who loves you far more than I ever could.  I pray that you come to understand just how much He loves you and that He is sovereign in ALL things.  I pray you love Him with your whole heart.  He CAN do the unimaginable!!  I have seen it - I have seen evidences of His faithfulness time and time again and I pray you too will be able to one day see.  

You have changed me.  Changed me in ways I could have never imagined - ways I didn't even know needed changing.  God has used you to remind me of my own transformation and my utter and total dependence upon Him.  I am so thankful He chose me to be your mommy.  You are a gift.

I love you so much,