Thursday, January 17, 2013

Goodbye 2012 Hello 2013

Just like God has made the dance of the planets around the sun - turning, spinning, circling, wheeling, revolving, orbiting around and around so he also has made our lives.  I don't know about yours but my life dances - turning, spinning, circling, wheeling, revolving and orbiting around and around and around again - just like that 2012 is gone.  There are so many things that happened last year I just cannot stop and recap them all and I am so thankful that God in His sweet kindness allows us the gift of memory.  Our family had so many memorable moments it was impossible to journal them all but God has been gracious and allowed me to treasure them up in my heart.  I remind myself often even if our blog is all printed out by year in cute little photo books (which its not) I couldn't take those to heaven so I really am thankful for the gift of memories.

Our family is well and looking forward to this new year.  DP is still plugging along loving his job at CFA.  Nathan and Luke are doing well in school and the littles: Ethan and Linnea are enjoying being home with mommy. Sweet Abbie is still waiting on  us in China - we have some dear friends from our church going to get their girls next week and they will take Abbie a package for us so hopefully we will get some new pictures soon.  We anticipate bringing her home late spring/early summer - Lord willing.  We are currently waiting on our LOA and once we receive that we should travel in 2-3 months. This mama is ready for Abbie to be home.  Linnea had some surgery in December and will have a follow up surgery in February.  She really is a trooper and doesn't let much knock her down. In a few days we will celebrate Linnea being with us for 10 months - that is the longest she has ever been in one place so this marks a really big milestone for her - I am hoping to post about this big event in her life.  Speaking of hope - I have set some goals for myself this year - I am not so much a fan of the word resolution I like goals much better. So here are a few in no particular order:

read two books a month : one serious, one fun (I LOVE to read so this should be fun)
run 500 miles 
exercise more
eat clean more often
do a half marathon (hoping for the Silver Comet)
less computer time
finish memorizing Ephesians even if my Pastor finishes preaching through it before I finish memorizing
memorize James
see my sin as more as an offense against a Holy God instead of personal defeat
love God more
I have read and heard of so many people choosing a word for their year and yep I caved and did it too - it really is a novel idea if you ask me.  So my word is rest.  Sounds kind of funny when I think about it - I mean seriously I have a full time/overtime job - work weekends, pull all nighters, never off - so this really was the perfect word for me.  I want to rest in HIS arms - I want to be more aware of my insufficiency and HIS sufficiency - I want HIS glory to be known - I want to rest in HIM.  In the fall of last year I had set a goal to get up earlier and just spend time with the Lord and while I am not always 100% spot there - the times I am are so precious and I want more of HIM so rest it is. 

and last but not least........

LIVE the Gospel 

I saw this most precious picture on my friend Dawn's blog - I just love her and her blog!! Anyway it was such a good reminder - because I am NOT practically perfect no matter how hard I try or I would like to be  it doesn't even matter!! No matter how good or bad of a mama I might be - He's sovereign.  


Did you set any goals for this new year? If so what were they?  We hope you are having and continue to have and amazing 2013 - until the next post....


Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Jiayin Designs ( or on facebook is having a fantastic charm giveaway!  I just love Kelly and I am so thankful I was introduced to her.  I have recommended her to several friends and have bought gifts for other friends.  I asked her if I could do a post for my entry by way of video as I am a much better talker than blogger (hence my lack of blogging recently) so here goes..... I should make an editors note I said we began the adoption journey a year and a half ago - its actually been two years clearly I can't count....

my charm "Zhong Sha"

giving a charm to Linnea's foster mom

she was very emotional and stoic all at the same time

my sweet friend Nat - we are wearing our charms!! Hers says "Si Fang"