Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Princess Abbie

So not only we were DTC today - which is super huge news!!  I also got a little Christmas present from DP early!!  And no DP the vacuum does not count ;-)  This sweet husband of mine - contacted our friend Miko in China to see if he could get some professional pics of Abbie made - he was thinking like our Target or JC Penny studio - nothing to big or elaborate - Miko let him know that this kind of thing was available and very inexpensive as in 15-16 US dollars.  DP was just thinking that the pictures would be emailed to him and they were but then even to his surprise yesterday he got a phone call from Andrea who works with Lifeline saying that she had the package of pictures at her house - Miko sent them back with another family who had just gone to China to pick up their son!!  I cannot wait to hug this girls neck again!! I just love her so!!! Now I should explain our picture taking at Target or Penny's is not the same in China - they go all out!!  I am so glad for Abbie's sake as it looks like she got the royal treatment!!  What a sweet treat for all of us!!  So without further ado - here is our princess!!


Anonymous said...

These are fantastic! Sometime, if you find me in a weak moment, I will show you the ones I allowed some of my sweet students to convince me to have taken!
She is absolutely precious and has a sweet smile! : )
Merry Christmas LA! : )

Ryan P. Walker said...

Those are so awesome!

andrea said...

she is a little princess. my favorite is the picture of her in the crown and gown....BEAUTIFUL. your one lucky mama to be her mama.

God speed

Southern Cheesehead said...

I can't take it! She's adorable and I wish I had known this once we had PA for MJ!

Southern Cheesehead said...

I can't take it! She's adorable!! I wish I had known this was available when we got PA for MJ. I would love to have something like that!

Tara and Julian said...

Wow, she is stunning! WORTH THE WAIT! So excited for you.