Saturday, November 3, 2012

Days of Thanksgiving 2012 : #3

This time last year as I was running the annual New Hope Harvest Classic 5k also known as Footsteps for the Orphan I was only a mommy of 3 - I remember vividly passing some ladies who were walking with their daughters that they had adopted from China and I thought to myself - I can't wait for this race next year when I will have my girls with me - at the time we had only been matched with Linnea and we were still anxiously waiting to know who our other daughter would be.  While we don't have both girls home for this race we do know who that precious other girl is - Abbie Joy!!  So today I was ecstatic to be able to run with Linnea.  What  joy and great reflection of God's hand!!  Today I am grateful for:

legs that can run, walk, jump, skip - you name it
being able to run and push a stroller and not fall out!!
God's heart for the orphan and how He is raising up His church to defend them!
my sweet Linnea bug - so happy to have her home!
Abbie Joy - praise God for his preservation of her life

Here we are pre-race

And here we are post race!!

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