Thursday, November 8, 2012

Days of Thanksgiving 2012 : # 8

See those cutie cakes!!  Yes these are my priceless treasures and I am so thankful for them.  I love them fiercely like a mama bear loves her cub.  They have stretched me in more ways than I ever thought I could be stretched and for that I am thankful.  My knees are worn and my heart is burdened and that is exactly where the Lord wants me.  Not only am I am I thankful for all that - I am thankful for the joy they bring into my life and the laughter that spills out of me (sometimes silently) over the funny or cute things they say.... like:

Me: "Thanksgiving is my MOST favorite holiday!" Ethan: "mine too we get to go to grammas and then we can put up our Christmas tree!!"  (I love the way this kid thinks - warms my heart!)

Luke: "Hey Nathan - you know that Christmas song whats it called Harry the Happy Angel Sings?" (clearly he was trying to remember Hark The Herald Angels Sing now he calls it Hark the Happy Angel Sings)

Luke: (when we went to vote I informed them we might be there awhile - turns out we were in and out rather quickly) "We're done? Well that was quick I thought we were going to see Mitt Romney."

Nathan: (we saw the movie ET for sale at Wal-mart - of course he thought we should buy it and I informed him I thought Great Mimi might have it so there was no need to buy it) "Well if she does have it its probably in black and white"

Just typing these out gave me another good chuckle - and I am for sure thankful for the gift of laughter!!

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