Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Days of Thanksgiving 2012 : #6

November is National Adoption Month so tonight my gratitude is really centered around that as it has been particularly close to my heart more so than normal..... I am so thankful for:

My own adoption - thank you Father for choosing me!! Thank you for the gift of salvation and new mercies every morning.

Thankful for a husband who cares just as much about orphans as I do - what a heart God has given him.

Friends who are on this journey with you and friends you meet in the journey.  Today in particular I got to catch up with one of the moms we traveled with - I now call her a dear friend - had it not been for adopting in China I may have never met Carrie and she literally lives on the other side of the world because her husband is in the military.  I am so thankful for how God sovereignly places people in our lives at just the right time.  

Almost 8 months ago when I would rock Linnea before bed she would look at me like I was a stranger as I was - she had no voice - now when I rock her she says mama over and over with this big grin, the look of the unknown is gone - my heart is overflowing.

8 months ago I can remember trying to get Linnea to say "mama" and both of us ended up in tears literally I had heard her say it once and I just thought if we practiced she could do it again - WRONG.  She could not say one word on command.  She can say "mama" and "mommy" and with conviction of who I am to her.  God indeed is kind to us. 

I often think of Linnea's birth mother - what a gift she has given us - she could have chosen to abort this precious child or had been forced to but God had other plans.  She is a mother regardless of the choices she made and I know her heart must ache - I am thankful she gave Linnea a chance and I choose to believe she loved her for the few months she had her. I am thankful I get to rock her at night - I get to see her blossom - I have the privilege of teaching her about the ONE who loves her more than any mother ever could - again my heart is overflowing.

As I write these thoughts of gratitude I must praise my Savior - all of these things are to bring glory to His name.  May HE be praised!!

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Paulette said...

Just absolutely beautiful, my sweet daughter........I am literally moved to tears when I read this post! I love you in the same way that you love Linnea, and I love her in a way that I cannot even describe........as I love the other grandbabies as well! Thank You, Father, for all of these blessings in my life!!!!