Friday, November 30, 2012

Days of Thanksgiving : #26-30

Well I have been a total slacker this week!!  I could not let today get away though and not post some final thoughts on trying to keep up with the days of gratitude.  It has been a very busy week and I or we have physically been out every night for one reason or another.  Tonight was the first night I have been home all week so there just has not been time for me to blog - but there has been time for me to be thankful - since I am late a whole week - I will label each day....

MONDAY 11.26.2012
thankful for sweet friends to get together with and brainstorm ideas for our program for what has now become our annual ladies Christmas tea.  I am so thankful that or ultimate goal was to have Christ and HIS gospel be so clear.  Thankful to share in the faith with the ladies at Berachah.

TUESDAY 11.27.2012
on this day I was particular thankful for carpooling with some good friends at CCS.  It was so nice to drop off the kids that morning and not get back out until that evening.  Thank you Panzenhagens!!

WEDNESDAY 11.28.2012
this morning I awoke early enough to spend some quiet time alone and workout and get a shower all before I had to leave to take Linnea to school.  So thankful to the Lord - for those of you who know me - this would not have been possible without His help!!! It made for a very productive day.  We also got to spend some good quality time with our friends the Burgess's - while a good portion of our time was spent working with the kids on their big school project - we had many laughs and it was super enjoyable.

THURSDAY 11.29.2012
It's cookie time!!  This evening we had a cookie swap amongst the Dwarf House/Truetts Grill ladies.  It was a fun time of fellowhip and festivities.  I also had really great one on one time with Ethan.  He is a riot.  He makes me smile.  I think he might actually love Christmas more than I do - he had me put up every Christmas tree we own - I have now have 3 decorated trees in my house and one of them specifically had to have a star on top.  

FRIDAY 11.30.2012
as my eyes are barely hanging open I am thankful to day for those who work outside the home - doctors, nurses, police, fire, you get the drift.  I don't know how they do it and maintain a home.  I have finally been home all day and well I have accomplished much.  I have been able to catch up on some sewing I needed to get done. I am thankful for days of rest.  Oh and sleep - yes I do love my sleep!!

The kids and I put together a thankful chain this year and I would like to end my 30 days of gratitude by posting a picture and telling you what made the chain - so stay tuned - hopefully tomorrow you might get a post!!  Happy Thanking yall!!

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