Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Days of Thanksgiving 2012 : #21

Its Thanksgiving Eve!!!!!!! Tomorrow is my favorite day of the year woo hoo!!!  Thankful for today and all the blessings it holds - here's my list for today:

exercise - yep you read that right - thankful that I am able to workout and run and move all the different limbs and muscles in my body

a little Christmas shopping this morning and a relaxing afternoon/evening at home

listening to Christmas music, wrapping Christmas presents and watching my favorite Christmas movie

egg nog - I really like that stuff!

tree decorating to take place this evening 

a polar express movie night with the kiddos

water and modern day plumbing

working on a "thankful chain" with my kiddos

clippers to cut the boys hair

Daddy has the rest of the week off!!  

Can't wait for tomorrow!!! 

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