Thursday, November 1, 2012

Days of Thanksgiving 2012 : #1

First I must confess - when I would see fb posts or blog posts in Novembers past all about thankfulness - I would think to myself we are supposed to be thankful everyday actually ALL the time - why are we just posting this in November - what about everyday? Yep those were my thoughts - sad and wrong - who am I to judge what or when someone else posts. But God being rich in his mercy and ever so loving to me has been growing me in more ways than I could ever write about and thankfully has not only forgiven me for such thoughts, he graciously led me to a post where my sister in Christ shared how she wasn't really thankful right now but went back to her November posts from last year and saw all of God's kindnesses and was reminded of how truly good He is to us in ALL things.  Thank you Leah for the reminder and how it spurred me on to this same thing.  I am not always thankful and I don't always see God's kindness to me and it exists EVERYDAY.  So here I am - I am going to (Lord willing) try and do a thankful post everyday this month - is it likely to happen everyday - probably not - but I am going to try.  I don't know how long the lists will be and that doesn't really even matter - what matters is my attitude before my Holy, Just and Loving Savior.  Here is what I am thankful for today:

my Savior 
giggles from my sweet children
good health
His word
new mercies everyday
Linnea is home and vocal!!!! 
a thoughtful husband
sweet friends who help you out in a bind [Elizabeth ;-)]


Elizabeth Pegg said...

It is always my pleasure to help you sweet friend!

Elizabeth Pegg said...

It's my pleasure anytime sweet friend!