Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Days of Thanksgiving 2012 : #14

the pitter patter of rain - oh I do love me some rainy weather!!

books - I am reading quite a few right now - something I said I would not start - but alas I did and my pile is high - but I am so thankful to be able to read and that God has not only given me a voracious appetite for His word - but for reading in general

blog giveaways!! - I won a book and a pair of earrings this week on a blog giveaway - regardless of whether or not I win they are still fun

praying with my sweet children in devotion time at night - I love to hear them pray.  So thankful for a God who hears!

rocking chairs and a sweet little girl who wanted to be rocked tonight

thankful to have my hubby back home - which leads me to gratitude for the spouses of our military forces - I don't know how you do it and I am forever grateful for your sacrifice as well. 

neighbors - I love my neighborhood - I love the trees and the different color leaves you see all over and I have great neighbors on both sides - sometimes I feel like June Cleaver  just kidding not really.

homemade soup and bread - if you ever visit my blog - you might vaguely remember I am NOT a cook - well it turns out I can cook a few things - my bread got a two thumbs up tonight from the hubs - this is progress!!  

almost one week away from Thanksgiving my favorite holiday - CAN'T WAIT!!! 

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