Saturday, November 17, 2012


I really did not know what to even title this post hence all the question marks... but I knew if I didn't write this conversation story down - I would one day regret it because I wouldn't be able to remember all the details... so

Tonight we had EAT-C its kind of like a supper club in our church several couples sign up and then those couples are broken down into groups of 3-4 couples and for the next 3-4 months you have dinner once a month rotating homes and what to bring, etc - you get the point.  I asked Nat and Wade if they could watch the kids because they are not in our group and then I could return the favor for her sometime.  Well we were going to be a little early to their house so I suggested to DP why don't we ride by my old house and show the kids where I grew up.  I literally lived 5 minutes from where Wade and Nat live now.  So we asked the kids if they wanted to see it and of course they said yes.  Thus begins the parade of questions - mainly from Luke.  How old were you when you lived there? When did you live there.  Then Nathan chimes in - we've already seen where you lived by great mimi.  So I explained I did live right down the street from great mimi when I was a really little girl but after my daddy died we moved to this house that we are going to see now.  Back to Luke - how old were you when your daddy died? Six I answered.  How did he die? He was very sick David responds.  We certainly didn't feel the need to get into the whole cancer topic. Then we arrive at the neighborhood which has gotten so old.  I explained to the kids how I walked to the bus stop - rode bikes in the cul de sac where we lived - showed them them the window in my old room.  Nathan asks if I rode my bike to the bus stop because it was so far away.  As we are leaving the neighborhood Luke says - so did you have any brothers or sisters?  (I am presently right now as I am typing this laughing so hard because this story just gets funnier!!!) Nathan answers rather dramatically kind of in a I can't believe you are asking this kind of way - you know who they are - um yes Uncle Joseph and Aunt Shannon.  To which Luke says no not them you know little brothers or sisters that were like one.  Clearly he was not getting we were all little at one time.  It was hilarious.  I would love to be in his mind sometimes.  

Now fast forward a couple of hours - we have picked the kids up and now we are on our way home.  Ethan says is your daddy in heaven. And I say yes my daddy is in heaven now.  He asks where is your daddy and I respond again my daddy is in heaven.  And then Luke pipes up again.....(this is the part where it gets really funny and DP and I are trying to control our laughter)  So when your daddy died did he just stand in the middle of the road and God put his hands down and just picked him up into heaven.  David says well we don't know how it really all works but you don't have to stand in the middle of the road.  Luke - well how did it happen - I reminded him my dad was really sick and he was  in a bed when he died.  Then we have a long pause .... then Luke says maybe he just catapulted into heaven.   You might not think this was remotely funny - but we were cracking up silently - I was laughing so hard I was crying.  You might have had to be there.  Catapulting to heaven...... catapults clearly he has watched a Narnia movie quite a few times

On a side note another Luke funny - DP and the boys saw a great big buck in our front yard this morning as we were heading out to meet some friends.  DP said it looked to be like an 8 pointer.  You know they all get real quite and still and Luke very quietly says "Dad go get the BB gun so we can shoot it."  Oh that boy cracks me up!!  So thankful for the joy and laughter he brings to our lives!!


Paulette said...

Today could not have been a more perfect time for you to have posted this........I laughed so hard that I cried!!!! They are SO stinkin' funny!!!! Perfect medicine for me today........thanks! Love you! Mom

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