Friday, September 28, 2012

She can hear!!

I cannot even begin to explain what an exciting day this has been for our family.  Linnea can hear!!

We left this morning around 10 am to head to CHOA at Scottish Rite to get her hearing aids.  Our appt. was at 11 and we didn't finish up until 1:30 so it was quite a long morning - but so worth it!! I cannot brag enough on Pediatrics ENT of Atlanta and their audiology team.  We LOVE Dr. Matesvac and her intern Brittany.  They were so great with Linnea and spent soo much time with her.  They were so detailed and took such time to explain each and every little aspect of her hearing loss and what life with hearing aids looks like.   The appointment started out with a behavioral hearing analysis to see if how she performed today while she was not sedated was comparable to how she did with the ABR (auditory brain response) while she was sedated.  In comparison the two tests gave pretty much the same results.  The purpose of this was to make sure that her hearing aids had been programmed properly.  They had to tweak the programming on the hearing aids just a little bit. Just to give you some idea of what Linnea was hearing like - think of it like this - you and I are having a normal conversation talking at a normal decibel level - if you were to have a conversation with Linnea at your normal decibel level it sounds like a whisper - maybe even a little softer than that.  So everything she has heard thus far from us was like we were whispering to her.  This totally explains why she would hold her little music player up to her hears to hear it.  Of course we learned about proper care and how to turn the hearing aids on and off and change the batteries and all that other jazz.  Then came the big moment - put them in her ears and turn them on.  I am so super glad that DP and I were both able to be at this appointment.  I really can't put the moment into words - it was such a sweet emotional time for us.  It was like she was hearing our natural voices speak her name for the very first time.  She had such a look of glee - like a baby when they see bubbles for the first time or a kids first trip to Disney.  As I sit here and ponder back on the moment I really can't put it into a lot of words.

Linnea has been such a trooper and she did soo super great!!  She has kept her aids in all afternoon.  It has been such a joy to watch her around the house and to see her interact with the boys - it has been a really different scene.  She has been mimicking some of them trying to say what they are saying - of course it doesn't sound exactly right - but she is trying.  I think my favorite thing has been seeing her play with a music toy that she loved when we first came home - she would hold that pink player up to her ear so she could hear it and now she is just holding it out in front of her.  My heart is so full of joy and thankfulness.

I am overwhelmed when I think of all that the Lord has done for us and for her.  Praise be to Him.  He does more than we can ask or imagine....

BEFORE - we were on our way!!

AFTER - she says look at my ears - I can hear!!!


Janet Rose said...

What a wonderful God we serve!

Shay Ankerich said...

A beautiful story and so thankful for your precious baby!!!

Stephanie Goetsch said...

Your post has me in tears!! Wonderful news, I can't imagine how amazing it was for everyone involved!!

I would like to point out that her chest clip (on her car seat) is too low in both pictures, it should be at her armpits. :) Just want you to keep your precious miracle safe!

Pruiksma's Progress said...

Thanks so much Stephanie - I actually just had to adjust her carseat because I think she has gotten a little taller - she can actually move the chest clip herself - so it might start out where it should be but she is a clever little girl - I have to adjust those straps often!!