Monday, August 20, 2012

Party of 6, no make that 7!!

"And the King will answer them Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me."

God has called us again to bring home another precious little girl from China.  He has written such a precious story in our journey.  In the very beginning of our adoption process God laid on our hearts to bring home two little girls.  It was our desire that they come from the same place and have been there at the same time so their lives would not only forever be linked as sisters but also linked in their birth place.  It was not in God's plan for us to bring home two at one time.  I have to admit it is so fun to look back now and see how he was writing our story - all the while we didn't know it.  As my friend put it God took us half way around the world to find our second daughter, only to have to go back again and get her.  So here we go again off to China.  The story of our journey to this precious one can only be attributed to our Great and Gracious God - but it will have to wait as we are awaiting a pre-approval from China and their rule is not posting pictures/stories until you receive PA (pre-approval)  What I can tell you is that my husband took great thought and prayer in telling me we were going to proceed in adopting this sweet girl.  I of course being a mama knew I did not want to let this little girls file get away!!  David was thinking the same thing as well but wasn't quite letting me in on his thoughts (purposefully might I add).  Our agency has a rule that you must be home a certain amount of time before you can even begin the process to adopt again.  I should add this is a really good rule and it gave us time to pray and see how the Lord was/is working in our lives.  Lifeline knew we were interested in this file and had said that if anything were to come up they would give us a call.  Well about a month ago I phoned LL (Lifeline) just to see about the file and how much longer it was until it was returned back to the CCCWA (the govt dept of adoption in China).  We knew once it was returned it was made available to anyone who wanted to adopt her - at least while it was with LL we knew only LL families could view it.  Well LL told me her file had already been sent back.  I was a bit disappointed in this news as they had said they would call us - but at the same time we were not at a place to accept a referral so I had peace that if the Lord wanted this for us he would work it out and if this wasn't meant to be then He had better plans.  It turned out LL made a mistake and they still had her file!! Woo Hoo more time for us to pray (and me really pray for God to move in DP as I knew I wanted to be this little girls mama!)
While we were on vacation we both got a text from LL asking us what we wanted to do as there was another family who wanted to view the file.  Well DP told me he would text them back and let them know there wasn't anything we could do so I knew that meant another family was going to view her file.  All the while I had peace about it - a gracious kindness from the Lord.  I heard from a friend at LL toward the end of our vacation and she told me the other family didn't take the file.  I just knew the Lord had plans for this precious one to be in our family - and now I just prayed harder he would reveal this to David.  All the while David hadn't texted LL back - he called them and got this file for our family, he consulted a International Adoption Specialist Pediatrician- Dr. Chambers, sent in our Letter of Intent and wrote a care plan for this sweet girl.  I of course was clueless!!  
Earlier this week DP reveals to me that he spoke with the Dr. Chambers and told me what she had to say about the file.  He asked me not to share this with anyone as he just needed more time to think.  He knows me all too well and knew I would call my friend Nat right away.  I didn't I respected his wishes and prayed some more.  I even told DP I trusted his decision because I know him and I know how much thought and prayer had/has been put into this.  I also told him if we were not the family for this sweet girl that I would advocate for her until she found a family.  Either way this girl needed a mama and I wanted to help her - mainly I wanted to be her mama but you get the point!
Saturday evening we were invited to dinner with some good friends from our church - while we were there we "previewed" the video above under the guise of we might use this for Orphan Sunday at our church.  So here we are on our way to being a complete family and one less orphan in the world.  Ethan prayed this morning "thank you God for getting us a new sister."  Yes thank you Father for allowing us to be parents again for the 5th time!! 

These are pics from the evening.  Stay tuned to meet our sweet precious girl!!


Anonymous said...

Ohhh Pruiksma Family - we are so excited for you. What wonderful news!!! I am thrilled you get to add to your sweet family.
erin a.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord great things He has done. Praise the Lord for this opportunity! So excited for y'all, so excited for our church family and so blessed to be able to pray about this next step for y'all!
Love you 7! : )

Sharon Ankerich said...

I couldn't be happier for your precious family!!! Your sweet one is adorable!!! LOVE your story!!! XOXO