Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm an aunt!!!

Last weekend my sweet sister-in-law (DP's sister) and her husband welcomed their sweet little baby boy into the world.  What a precious gift!!!  You know me I love babies and family and all that jazz!!  As soon as I got my hands on that sweet little bundle I said oh my I am afraid I might get baby fever!! My sister-in-law says I have baby disease!!  Ha ha!! I'll take it!! I love children and family!!  We are so thankful for this new life in our family and the kids were beyond excited to have a cousin.  Linnea makes the sweetest little mamma, Ethan wanted nothing to do with that baby, and the big boys can't wait to teach him about guns, and karate, and ninja fighting - you know all that boy stuff!! Thank you to Aunt Melanie and Uncle J.R. for letting us visit and get some good snuggle time in!!

Welcome to the world Robert William Davis 
love me some babies!!
no baby holding for me!!
loving holding that sweet baby cousin
giving sweet kisses 
he was so super excited!!

3 of the boy cousins...

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Sharon Ankerich said...

Precious precious!!! LOVE him to pieces~ it's what aunts do!!! XO