Friday, August 17, 2012

A picture is worth a thousand words....

I had such a hard time with this post - I mean how am I supposed to journal our whole vacation and not leave out any details... on top of picking out pictures for this post!! I mean if I had all day that might have been possible - but clearly I don't!! We made so many great memories and took lots of great pictures so we could try and savor the memories we made.  So as the old saying goes "a picture really is worth a thousand words..."  so I will just let the pictures do the talking... We were so blessed to be able to go on vacation and I am thankful that God provides us with times of rest!!

and we are off!

Linnea's first time at the beach - she was not really into all that sand -  it made her dirty you know :-)

LOVED buggy boarding!!

you just have to know my kids to remotely understand this picture !!
a little tye dying on a rainy day

serious crab hunting going on!!

our finished tye dye projects!
Daddy was so wonderful to take us out on a boat adventure!! It was our favorite part of the trip!!

my little model!!

fun fun!!

we saw dolphins!

Luke loved snorkeling the  most!

checking out our find!!

not an ice cream truck but an ice cream boat!!

beautiful creation!

are these not the CUTEST kids ever??!!

a litte fun matey?!

my baby boy.... 

how fun to have met another adoptive family - I will have to post more on this later!! (who knows when??!!)
snuggle with daddy time...

he is going to be a heart breaker!!

no one would ever believe it if I didn't capture the moment!!

a little raft fun with daddy - he is the favorite on vacation!!

toward the end of the week - she was loving the sand!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these kiddos

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