Friday, July 27, 2012

Cow Appreciation Day...

July is not complete without our annual "Cow Appreciation Day."  I am so thankful for this company and how God has used it in our lives. I am thankful for the job DP has and am grateful all that CFA encompasses.

This year we of course celebrated in style and had lunch with daddy at his office which is always a super big deal you know, and then visited our local CFA the Fayetteville Dwarf House for our free dinner!!  If you haven't heard of cow appreciation day then you are missing out!! Dress like a cow and get free chicken!!  I had appliqued the boys shirts a few years ago and well N has grown out of his so he just donned his super cow cape while the other boys wore their cow shirts.  I had made this dress for Linnea before she even came home - I had to take it up some but she will grow into it and have it awhile.  I guess I will have to figure something new out for my growing boys for next year.  What did you do for cow appreciation day??

love my sweet brood!!
this is one of their favorite parts about visiting daddy - riding in the bus!!

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