Thursday, July 26, 2012

China friends...

Adoption is glorious on so many different levels - primarily our own adoption into the family of God.  I am always amazed how God uses it in other ways as well.  I cannot begin to tell you how many new relationships have been formed just through our adoption process.  I love that the Lord has brought so many new friends into our lives.  We have been blessed just this month to reconnect with two of the families that we traveled with in China.

Our first visit was with the Hord family.  This family has become so near and dear to our hearts that they are like family - its one of those bonds I just can't explain.  I can't remember if in previous posts from China I ever mentioned our "Guangdong family" but these are the people we spent our entire time with in China.  There were only 4 couples in our Guangdong family and I miss them all terribly!! The Hord family was one of those couples but I am so thankful that they live in GA and are within driving distance!! We were able to meet the Hord's before we left for China at a travel meeting and we just prayed that the Lord would allow us to travel together.  It is so nice to travel with people you already somewhat know!  And on top of that our girls are from the same orphanage. So not only were we in China together the whole two weeks we also took the trip to Maoming together to see where our girls were from - all this to say that this family is really super super special to us!! So one Saturday this month we loaded up and went and spent the weekend with them.  I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I should have - but I did get a few.  The girls share a really special bond but clearly are not at ages that they can even comprehend this!!  So glad that our girls can play on this side of the globe together!! We pray that the girls will be lifelong friends just like their parents - for now we just keep telling them they have to be best friends ;-)

We also had the privilege of getting together with another family that we went to China with this month.  This family : the Mattox family actually was with another adoption agency but we had the same guide and we only spent time with them the second week of our stay in China.  But I have to tell you as soon as we met them I was just completely smitten with their children.  They had come to adopt two boys this time, but this wasn't their first Chinese adoption it was their third!! I just love them!!  In addition to the boys they were adopting they had two older girls and they are all just a bunch of cuties!! What a sweet family.  They also live in GA and were going to be up in our neck of the woods for a weekend - so of course we just had one big Chinese get together at our house!!  Linnea was in love with Josie Tatum - I am thinking Linnea might need an older sister from China..... just thinkin... :-)
Enjoy the pics! (again I should have taken more!!)

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