Thursday, July 26, 2012

4th of July (22 days later...)

"This one's for the scrapbooks....." That is what our local newspaper said about this sweet picture! And for sure this will go in her journal!! You my friends are looking at the winner of the 4th of July photo contest in The Fayette Citizen (our local newspaper)!  Is she not so super cute??!! (I know I am biased!!)  She was absolutely loving the parade, wearing her cute little star beads, holding her flag and picking up every piece of candy that had been tossed by the participants on the parade route!

This was Linnea's first 4th of July as a United States Citizen and it was a super special day indeed!! We feel so blessed to have this little girl in our lives and be a part of our family forever.  I love the 4th I think because David is off and we just have such a fun day as a family.  A few years ago we used to spend the 4th at the lake but the past few years we have been home and made some new traditions.  We always go swimming during the day and grill out in the evening and have a our own firework show in our cul de sac.  It's quite the show with lots of sparklers and poppers!! I am also grateful for the fourth as it is such a great reminder of our freedom and the sacrifice that has been made so we can enjoy these freedoms.

I know its way past the 4th now - but enjoy these pictures!!

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