Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Overview...

So this may be a super long post as I try to put a whole month into one post!!!  Sorry!!

  • We started June with a trip to the lake with some great friends!!  This was Linnea's first experience at the lake.  She loved it!! Jumped right in with the boys and had fun on boat rides, jet skiing, canoeing and tubing!!  The boys caught some fish and I think that might have been the highlight of their trip.  Nathan and daddy camped outside in a tent and mommy and everyone else slept inside.  So thankful for dear friends who opened up their home and shared a few days with us!

  • Next on the list for the month was Camp Winshape!!  This was Nathan's first year at camp.  I have to admit I teared up when I was leaving him and he seemed to be fine.  He got a little homesick the first night but after that he was fine.  He said his favorite activity was archery and he can't wait to go back next year.  I am not sure if this mama can take two whole weeks and not talk to him!! We'll see!

pottery class
I think he was exhausted!!
  • Dwarf girls get together = Favorite Things Party.  The past two summers the Dwarf girls have had get togethers with our kiddos.  Sweet Dwarf wife Vicki Maday is always so gracious to host us at her home.  She has a pool and the kids love to swim.  Last year we did a book swap and it was so fun so this year we did a favorite things party.  Each girl had to pick one of their favorite things and bring enough to share with each guest at the party.  The trick was you had to pick a favorite thing that was $5 dollars or under.  This caused us all to get creative and it was lots of fun.  I chose to take my favorite magazine World Magazine  (I HIGHLY recommend this mag!!) and my favorite summer drink and snack vanilla coke zero and white chocolate covered pretzels.  I save all my back issues of World so I just had to buy the snacks and wrap everything up all pretty.  It was lots of fun and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to have a girls get together that is fun and inexpensive.  

  • Our sweet friend Julie had her baby!!  So happy to be able to visit with Chris and Julie and baby Claire!!  Linnea LOVED holding the baby and wasn't really wanting to give her up!!

  • Fathers Day 2012.  This was a special Fathers day as last year this time we were waiting to hear who our newest family member would be.  So fun to have Linnea home with us this year!  We took a few ideas from the internet for gifts for the special dads in our lives.  The kids had a great time helping to put the gifts together.  We are so blessed to have David in our lives.  He is such a Godly father and husband and I couldn't be more grateful. 

  • VBS 2012 A THRILL RIDE through God's Creation!! And what a ride!!  This year I was not as extensively involved in VBS.  It was nice to not have so many responsibilities.  We all had a great week and Linnea did really well.  She did not stay every night as that would have been a bit much but the times she did stay she had a great time.  I think it helped having Ethan with her.  So thankful for our church and the proclamation of the gospel to our children!!  May they all come to know him early on and live passionate lives for Christ and HIS Kingdom!!
craft time!
Linnea and Mayah ... can't wait to have Ruthie and Ling join our picture!!
  • Pool Time - of course we are spending lots of time at the pool.  We are so thankful for such good neighbors and friends who invite us to go swimming often!!  Ethan is the only one who is not a water lover so much but he has come a very long way in this summer.  He now jumps into the pool and actually he has jumped without floaties - but it was purely accidental.  I will close with some pics and a video ... this is the kids doing what they call the "brother jump!!" Hope you are enjoying your summer!!

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