Friday, June 1, 2012

Do you know what today is???

Today is Children's Day in China and in America it is National Donut Day.  Who knew so much celebration could take place in one day!!  We celebrated all right!!  First we took a trip to our local Asian market looking specifically for these things.....

These are Linnea's most favorite snacks.  It is like a big giant cheeto puff and comes in a variety of flavors - one being cheese and another of Linnea's favorite cream corn.  Well we brought these home from China and I was thinking I might could find them here but that didn't work out to well.  I haven't given up yet though.  We did find a few of her other favorite snacks and she was quite happy about that.  

After our visit at the market we headed to our local Krispy Kreme where we all enjoyed free donuts for the great occasion of donut day.  Enjoy the pictures - they speak for themselves.  The kids LOVED it!!! 

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the pics, LOVE the babies more, I wish I had known it was Donut Day.. I would have gotten myself a couple instead of the big chunk of coconut cake.
You're a good momma..
Love Y'all!!