Tuesday, May 1, 2012

sleep is good for a mama's soul!!

I hesitate to even write this ... but we have slept four nights in a row all night long and for the past two days we have napped too!!!  I know to many this will be no major milestone and it really sounds like I have a newborn and in some ways I do- but I for one am ecstatic over this and I feel like a new woman as I have had sleep!! (sigh...) In other Linnea news - we had our speech evaluation last week and a feeding therapy session today.  We are going to halt the feeding therapy for now unless I see some major issue that needs to be worked on and focus more on the speech and integrate the feeding into that - you know its all connected anyway!!  She is at least a year delayed in her speech and we are hoping to have therapy twice a week to help get her going and caught up.  I can't wait to look back on these posts and see how much she has progressed.  This little hotcakes can be quite the spitfire and she wants to communicate so I feel confident that once her mouth and her brain make the connection there will be no stopping her.  I know the Lord has great things in store for her life and I am so thankful we get to be a part of it.  Right now she communicates by hollering and sign language.  I have really had to brush up on my sign language skills as we are using quite a bit of signs with her.  She picks up pretty quickly but if she doesn't want to sign for whatever it is she is wanting she quickly lets us know that too - she likes to cross her arms - see she has a bit of spitfire in her.  I think she does this for many reasons and I am so glad I poured over adoption books to help understand my daughter better - even more than the books I am thankful to know her Father who knows her better than I do.  Adoption really is a joy that I just can't describe!! Knowing God chose us for her family - he chose us to live out the gospel for her - what a privilege.  Here is a picture of her today - she had her first experience in the pool and even thought it was freezing she LOVED it!!  When I had her all dressed and ready to go - the boys said wow mom she looks like you with a bathing suit and a ponytail!  Yep that's how girls look!!

she's something else!! 

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