Thursday, May 31, 2012

Praying Handprints

With pinterest around these days I have come across numerous ideas that I just love.  I recently came across this idea below and to be honest I have no idea if it came from pinterest or somewhere else but regardless of where it came from it was an idea I loved.   I am going to call it Praying Handprints.
I did not take photos of each step in the process because it is rather simple - but I took a finished product photo - my little laminator didn't work so well so excuse the imperfections but you will get the idea.

1. Trace each of your children's hands onto some cardstock.  (I chose a different color for each child - actually I let them pick their color.  I also cut the shape of a heart for DP)
2. Pick out a verse or passage of scripture that you would like to pray for each child and your husband. (I made mine specific to each member of my family)
3.  Write the verse and or passage onto each handprint and heart. Also be sure to write down the child's name and date somewhere on the print.
4. Laminate and stick in your Bible or carry them around with you in your purse!
5.  Repeat next year!! 

The whole point of this project for me was so I could pray specifically all year for each member of my family.  I chose verses that were applicable to what is going on in each of their lives right now.  I don't just want to be in the habit of just praying for them - but I wanted to pray specifically straight from God's word - and His word never returns void.  Not only is this beneficial eternally - but also for memory keepsake.  If I continue to do this each year - I will have a handprint for each year they have grown and I will also be able to look back at how I prayed for them and by the verses I chose I will hopefully remember what season of life they were in.  I could have picked several different verses for everybody - so I just prayed that the Lord would help me to see how I could better pray for them and of course I found the perfect verse for each one of them at these stages in their lives.  I am not sure why I expected any less - ALL scripture is perfect!!

Whatever site I found this on there wasn't any mention of praying for your spouse so I added that part myself as I want to be daily praying for DP as well.  I can't take credit for this idea but I wanted to pass it along because I thought it was a keeper.

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