Friday, May 25, 2012

Picture Post...

Well I promised some pictures and this post is picture happy!!  The kids are really into taking pictures of themselves with our cameras on our phones - I had to include a few of those.   Here's what we've been up to. Enjoy!!

playing "war" outside with some neighborhood kids

playing with a bus we brought home from China - it makes sounds and all!! 
I love this photo!!  

caught a couple of frogs..

iand the picture taking by the kids begins.. they think that Luke crossing his eyes is hilarious...

self photo by Nathan

enjoying some Yo Tops with our favorite friends the Burgess's after  our End of the Year Preschool Program

products of DIY craft night with Kellie 

my sweet girl...

I love when I find them sleeping together!!

End of the year water party!!

playing cars at the pool

I had sent them all to the hall so I could vacuum -once the vacuum came on they all got in tornado drill position - it was hilarious!!

is she not a diva or what??

check out these baby birds - they have a nest at our neighbors the MeAllisters.  I have really been fascinated with birds lately and thinking a lot about how God cares for them and even references it in scripture.  I love how kind God was to put these right under our noses!!  We have enjoyed watching them!!

she loves looking at any Bible!! Can I say I LOVE this!!

swimming buddies in the pool! Yes Ethan finally got in!!

his new buzz hair cut - complete with his Chinese pajamas he insisted on wearing in 80 plus degree weather!!

the kids brought these into me- I just love their thoughtfulness - just like their daddy!!

our sweet girl after she woke up from her tests - so thankful to be with her!!

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