Sunday, May 27, 2012

My first Giveaway!!

My very first giveaway!! How exciting!!  Thanks to author Karen Henry Clark I am going to be giving away a copy of her childrens book Sweet Moon Baby An Adoption Tale.  

I was first made aware of this book from a dear friend of mine Andrea (who I know through Lifeline and also a fellow adoptive mom) and then I came across it again on a blog (another adoptive mom) I read.  I like to be really careful about books that I read to my kids sometimes even when I really like a book I may adlib a few words to make it work for what I want to teach my children.  In other words I really like to do my research on a book before I buy it.  So I looked up this book on amazon and read the inside cover which goes like this : Our Moon Journey : We traveled far, far away beyond the star-lighted Pacific over the nine dragon mountains of Hong Kong across the rice paddies of Guangdong down the wide Pearl River.  And we drank tea in Maoming ......" SOLD!!! No real research done!! My eyes stopped on the words Maoming and that was it for me.  Linnea is from Maoming!!!  Needless to say I bought the book for Linnea and I am so glad I did! A few days later we got the book in the mail and I read it to her at bedtime. So here is the gist of the story and then my thoughts....

Sweet Moon Baby tells the tale of a Chinese man and woman who release their baby girl because they are unable to care for her like they would like to be able to. This man and woman place their baby in a basket and set her down in the river hoping the moon will guide her way.  This story is about a baby girls journey down the Pearl River to find her forever family.  As she floats in her basket along the way she is helped by a several animals including a turtle, a peacock, a monkey, a panda and some fish until she makes it home into the arms of her forever family who have been waiting and preparing for her on the other side of the world.

Is this story real life? No. Will this story be a great way for opening up future conversations? Yes. Do we (personally) trust in the moon for help or to guide us? No.  Do some Chinese people place their trust in other things besides our Sovereign Father? Yes.  Do animals really help a baby down the river? Probably not. Does God use things to accomplish His plans and purpose and is He sovereign over all?  YES! Are there families waiting on the other side of the world to become mommies and daddies? YES!!

I LOVE this story because of what it shares and how it can be used.  I have read reviews of others who didn't care for this book because its too much fantasy, its not really real or factual,  or it's too confusing because who really sends their baby in a basket down a river??  First of all it wasn't written to be real -  there will never be any books that tell any of our children's "real" stories.  The only factual story that will ever be is the one God wrote for her life and continues to write. There are many adoption kid related books on the market and none of them tell her story.  They are simply there to help.  Second someone really did send their baby in a basket down the river.  Remember the story of Moses?  Look how God used him!!  Did Linnea float in a basket to get to us?  Well of course she didn't but you can believe I will use this book to share about one adopted boy who did float down the river and how God worked in his life.    Right now when I read the book with her I  read to her about God using the moon and the animals to help bring that sweet baby to safety and to her forever family.  When she is old enough to see the exact words on the page then I will read them exactly as they are and I will still explain the story using a Biblical worldview.  And even now I pray that if God chooses to use this book as a conversation opener about her story that he will be preparing both of our hearts.  This book is delightful and the pictures are beautiful and capture each detail in the story.  I recommend it - whether you have adopted or know someone that has or will be, this is a great read and it would make a great gift.  I give it a two thumbs up and the great thing is it can be yours for free!!!

To enter the giveaway just leave me a comment on this post telling me why you would like to win or what interests you about the book.

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Enter before Wednesday, May 30 at 11:00 pm EST.  (We will have been home exactly 2 months on this day!!)  Just so you know for each entry I will put your name in a jar or basket and then I will let Linnea pull a name from there.  I will announce the winner on the blog the following morning!!


bridgetjones said...

That is such a sweet story :) so glad you finally have your little girl!
Bridget jones

Shanci Robinson said...

Thanks for sharing the book and your story with all of us.

amybeth said...

My Kate needs that sweet book!

KBam said...

Looks like a wonderful book...I'd love to read it to my sweet Lily.

sierrasmom said...

I would love this book. We adopted our daughter in Jan. 2009. She is also from Guangdpng Province although not Maoming although two of our travelmates daughters were from there!!
Kathie Hikade

sierrasmom said...

I posted the link on my FB!!

andrea said...

did you know that i won this book from valerie s give away? i had no idea until it arrived in the mail it was a great surprise. i told valerie i never checked back on her blog because i never win anything....that has changed now i did win something ;0.

we love this book and every child who's been adopted should own this book. emma lael has this book memorized....the words.....illustrations....everything about this book is perfect.

thanks for having this give away....some one will be a lucky winner.


RanAshKenCoop said...

I found your blog through the Lifeline yahoo group and have loved following your family's journey! Thanks so much for sharing your heart! We are still in the beginning stages of our adoption through Lifeline and so it is very helpful to read about your experience. We are in the process of adopting a little girl with special needs from China and hope to be DTC on my thirtieth birthday at the end of August. Thanks for doing the giveaway! I would love to have this book to read to our new daughter soon! - Ashley

heinzmom at hotmail dot com said...

We have been waiting almost 2 years for a domestic infant girl adoption... I've been wanting to check out this book. I love reading about how families come together in different ways to my older boys (3 & 7). thanks for hosting this giveaway.
heinzmom at hotmail dot com