Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day Tea at preschool...

I love getting crafts from my kids - especially when they are in preschool!!  This past week Luke had his preschool mother's day tea.  It was so fun and sweet.  They sang a few songs and had several crafts they had made on the table.  My favorite is the story he wrote about me:

This is a story about my mother.  Her name is LeighAnn. She has blonde hair and black eyes. She is 40ft tall and weighs 45lbs.  She is 33 years old.  My mom loves  to read.  She likes to play Hi Ho Cherrio's with me and color with me.  She makes macaroni and eggs best of all.  My mom an dI love to go on dates together.  We like to go to Chick-fil-A.  She is happy when I do stuff for her.  She looks pretty when she wears her sandals.  She loves to rock with Linnea.  On Mother's Day I want to tell her "Happy Mother's Day and thanks for being my special mom." 

How precious is that!!  I love it!!!  After reading Luke's I got a little nostalgic and had to go back and see what Nathan's story about me said so here is his .... this was back in 2009

My mom is 30 years old.  She is really big and weighs 31 lbs.  She is the prettiest when she dresses up really nice for Sunday.  My mom is funny when she works out.  She always says I can't play with stuff I want to.  My mom and I like to go out on a date.  She is happy when I obey her but she gets angry when I disobey.  She really likes to cook and makes cakes best of all.  On Mother's Day I want to tell her .... I Love you!!

It will be so fun in years to come to see how my other kiddo's stories turn out!!

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Paulette said...

Oh my, Luke's story is SO precious! It made me cry! He is so sweet and has a heart that is as big as all outdoors....I love that boy SO much! He is really a sensitive one and it shows in his, so sweet! Love, Mom