Tuesday, May 22, 2012

a conglomeration of thoughts....

I know I am so behind in blogging - but life is busy and so you will get a long post full of updates and thoughts and you know me they maybe in random order!!!  I am so thankful for this cloudy almost rainy day so I can catch up on a few things.  We have had such beautiful weather we have been outside non-stop!  I am so thankful to my sweet neighbors for allowing us to use their pool.  It has been a nice treat on some of these hotter days.  So here goes the catching up!!

* Photo a day in May = uncheck!!  Yeah I kind of fell off the bandwagon with that one.  It's not that I haven't taken pictures oh I have and I will eventually getting around to posting them - I just didn't happen to take pictures of the specified items on the list for May.  Oh well - maybe some other time.

* Mothers Day - do you think I got a photo with all 4 of my kiddos on mothers day - nope another unchecked box!! I know there is always next year!!  I had a wonderful day spending time with my sweet family.  DP always does such a great job of honoring me. Since before time began God knew the biggest desire of my heart was to be a mother.  He also knew it would be my greatest challenge.  I always say motherhood = sanctification, but that's another post for another time.  It was a day of reflection for me.  I of course had lots of thoughts about Linnea's birth mom and her foster mother.  In the years to come I will have to figure out a way to help Linnea honor the other moms she has had in her life.  I had a wonderful surprise as I woke up that morning and found in my email a note from her foster family.  We had sent an update to them and it was the best present hearing back from them!! Maybe I will get a post up about that soon.

*Update on the fam -
Nathan - we are technically in the last week of homeschooling.  We have already finished our 180 required days but we have some work left to do.  Actually we will be working all summer on our math facts and reading.  There are some really great websites with incentives for summer reading and since Nathan is not an avid fan of reading those sites have been very useful for us.  I have loved having Nathan home this year and I am going to miss it.  I am not sure he would say the same as he is my social butterfly.  He is my child that I see so much of myself in.  He has got some of his daddies qualities too but DP will tell you he is just like his mama.  Lord willing he will go back to Crossroads next year and be in 3rd grade!!  I would loved to have kept everybody home - but I just don't think its my season for that right now.   I can't believe how much this boy has grown - he is almost as tall as I am and well you all know how mature he can be.  He will be going to his first Winshape camp this summer and he is more than excited.  I am not sure how excited I am - but I know he will LOVE it!!

Luke - sweet Luke is now ready for Kindergarten and he too will join Nathan at Crossroads next year!!  He finished preschool up last week and wants to know when he can go back to school!! This boy is totally different from his big brother because he LOVES school and not just for the social aspect - he loves to learn!!  During his year at preschool he had been working on getting all 12 of his ice cream scoops.  Each scoop represents something he mastered - like his numbers, letters, shapes, etc.  He was having a hard time getting his last scoop - but with much practice at home he finally earned it and his excitement over his accomplishment was so precious!!  We treated him to some frozen yogurt in honor of his ice cream scoops!! This sweet cuddler of mine will be 6 in just a few short days.  He loves life to the fullest and gets along with everybody!! He plays well with Nathan and with Ethan and Linnea.  He is so easy going!!

Ethan - our sweet Ebear!! Ethan is still adjusting to not being the baby anymore.  He and Linnea are getting along much better.  They have their moments but I can tell over all they will be great friends.  Ethan just got his first buzz cut for the summer!! I promise to post pics soon!! I love it - he really looks a lot like my dads pictures from when he was a kid.  It makes his face have more of a baby look to it - I really love it!!  He is also getting to be such a big boy!!  He will stay home next year and he doesn't mind this at all - he will be the first to tell you he does not want to go to school.  

Linnea - our prissy little girl!! Linnea is doing well.  We have been busy with all kinds of appointments and have another one tomorrow.  We have to be at Scottish Rite rather early where she will undergo a few tests where she will have to be sedated.  If you think about it please pray for.  She is having trouble again sleeping and there really is no rhyme or reason to these seasons of fitful nights.  She has her days where she visibly grieves or at least thats what we think she is doing.  Some days are harder than others but even in the hard days I wouldn't change it for anything.  I love rocking her and drying her tears and I am thankful that the Lord picked me to be the mom who gets to do that.  In more exciting news she absolutely loves the water!! She loves the pool and is just a little fish in water.  Yes I do have pics - maybe I should just do an all picture post of pics I have taken in the last few weeks!!

Well I hope you feel updated!!  Stay tuned for the pictures and I have a giveaway coming!! I told someone recently its not that I don't have things to post - I just need a stenographer!!  Stay tuned!!

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