Friday, May 25, 2012

and they're off....

me and Nat on Mother's Day wearing our pendants with our girls Chinese names
That's me and Natalie - this girl is like my sister and she is in Christ - but you get what I am saying - we are so close we could be sisters except we look nothing alike!!  She and her husband Wade right now are on a plane bound for China.  DP dropped them off at the airport tonight and now they are in the air. I don't know who's more excited us or them!! Probably them but we are excited with them!!   This is my friend who I asked you to pray that we would get to travel together.  Well God had other plans and we know He is sovereign over all things and His timing is perfect.  So we decided we all will just have to go back again - but together next time!! We have been through so much together these last few years but in particular this last year as we have walked the adoption journey together.  I am clearly so excited for them that I can't sleep!!  You want to know the funny thing - Nat is traveling with the "Target Lady!!" Lois and her family are already in China and you can read about their adoption journey here.  This is such an exciting time for both of these families.  The memories from our trip are so fresh and recent I feel like I am reliving all these details with Nat all over again.  I go through our pictures and watch our gotcha day video often.  I still can't watch them without getting emotional.  I vividly remember every moment and feeling I was experiencing.  It is such a vivid portrait of what Christ has done for me.  I can't wait to see Ruthie with her mama and daddy and hear all about their journey. Linnea and Ruthie are from the same orphanage and I can't wait for them to play together.  They will share a bond like no other.

when we met Ruthie on our trip to Maoming

I pray that the Lord would make them close friends like their mamas and they would follow hard after Him - seeking to build up one another in Christ.  God is so kind to give us these gifts - He is so detailed - not only did He make us friends - He gave us the common bond of adopting daughters from China and then He got even more specific and made them come from the same place.  I just grin when I think about how special and rare this is.  Nat and I say all the time - it is so unbelievable!!  I await updates from their journey with great excitement!! Wade and Nat - we love you both so much, praying much for you and your children all three of them  - Godspeed!!

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