Wednesday, May 23, 2012

amazed at people's thoughtfulness...

*this post was started a week and a half ago... just now getting time to finish it!!*

When David walked in from work today he had a package with him and inside the brown box I could see tissue paper which indicates to me there was a gift inside.  So of course I asked who's that from?  So he shows me the box with the return address label and I immediately said yes!!  That's from the girl we met in the Chicago airport when our flight was delayed to Beijing!!  She and her family were on the same flight.  We had been sitting next to one another in the terminal. With our flight being somewhat delayed we had time to strike up conversation.  So we got to know one another as well as one can on a flight delay in an airport.  We shared an equal liking for Vera Bradley products - in fact she works at a store that sells Vera - so we played a little "Vera Bradley pattern" trivia which of course she was the master of.  This girl knew her Vera products!! I told her my neighbor loved Vera and I had a couple of bags myself and I had always been a fan of their products.  I even had a Vera bag with me that I used as a purse.  We gave them some CFA coupons because CFA is starting to make a name for itself in the Chicago area and surrounding.  And we shared a little bit about our families and why were heading to China.  I love how the Lord often gives up opportunity to share our adoption story not just our journey to Linnea but our own adoption journey as well.  Long story short this sweet girl sent my daughter a package - her very own little "vera bradley" purse.  I am just amazed at how thoughtful others can be.  Thank you so much my new sweet friend for thinking of our family and our daughter.  Blessings!! 

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