Monday, April 16, 2012

We're still here...

I had a friend recently come home from China with her daughter and I can remember being on the edge of my seat reading her blog as she posted while they were in China and then she came home and then her posts were not as frequent and I was so ready to read what was going on her world and I wondered when is she ever going to blog again??  Ha ha!! I feel bad for ever wondering that now!!!

Sorry friends that it has been soo long!!  Life is busy!!  Four kiddos to keep me on my toes,  appointments to go to, laundry to catch up on (our dryer was out of commission for a short time) and most important on the agenda is sleep!!  DP I think has written a post updating you on our various appointments with Linnea so I will skip over those details.  As of tomorrow around the 2 pm hour we will have had Linnea for a month!! I cannot believe a whole month has gone by that we have had our sweet baby girl!! She seems to be adjusting well.  She is definitely a mama's girl and she LOVES to be outside and she LOVES to eat!! Eating is a whole other story but just know that while this girl might have a hard time chewing and eating she still LOVES to do it!!   She is not sleeping well - hence my lack of blogging - sleep totally wins over blogging!!  She slept GREAT while we were in China so not really sure what is different here except the time change but I would think she would be over that by now.  I think she may also be having night terrors as sometimes she doesn't even wake up but just cries and really fits around.  It makes me feel so bad for her.  I rock her to sleep every night and she really likes it when I sing to her - it is such a special time of bonding for us.  I was thinking the other day of how when you are pregnant your baby hears your voice the whole 9 months you carry it - so the baby comes out knowing its mama's voice and with adoption you don't have that - so for her to listen to my voice as I sing and it be soothing and calming for her is such a blessing.  Tonight I sang "Great is Thy Faithfulness" - a great reminder for me of God's faithfulness throughout this whole process - we are so blessed.  She is loved not only by us but by our faithful and loving Father who hand picked her for our family.  The boys are still really enamored with her and she and Ethan are actually starting to get along a little better - they still have their moments and she only cares for him when she needs him to do something for her or if he has snacks.  I love to watch all of them play.  I LOVE being a mother.

Well I know that was a quick update - I'll leave you with some pictures.  Tomorrow we have our first visit with our social worker for the beginning of our many post placement visits.  Thanks for checking in with us.  We love you and are so thankful for your support!!

she loves to swing!! 

This was our best Easter picture and Ethan's eyes are closed and Luke is not a happy camper!

and these are my crazy big brothers!!

Ethan sharing some jelly beans with sister

mama's girl...

one of my favorite pics!!

in China they drive with mitts - she uses my kindle cover for her mitt!!

and when she does sleep - she is a sleeping beauty!!

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Anonymous said...

I so love the pic of Linnea sleeping in the car. She is precious as are the boys. And their Mommy and Daddy are pretty special folks too.
God bless your family with all that you will need as you continue on your journey.
Love y'all lots, Jean