Sunday, April 1, 2012

a quick update...

There is soo much I want to blog about and a post I haven't even finished - but all in due time!! I am so thankful that the Lord is keeping my memories fresh - I kind of relate to the verse in Luke 2:19 this is after the birth of Jesus and it says "but Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." Clearly I can only somewhat relate as I am no Mary - but I am thankful to be treasuring up all these moments and pondering them.

We were greeted by such a warm welcome home at the airport!! Thank you so much to all our family and friends who came out to welcome us home - it was such joy to see your excitement for our family!  I did not expect to be so emotional as I saw the boys for the first time but the tears did flow as I missed them so!!

We are still trying to get over jet lag and Linnea is trying to figure out this whole time change!! (I have to say I really miss my "Guangdong" family - as we are now scattered all over the place!! There is nothing like having people going through the same exact thing as you are!! Thankful for the internet and being able to stay connected that way!!) Other than the sleeping thing Linnea is doing so well!! We love her soo much and it feels like she has just been here forever.  The boys are doing well for the most part - Linnea is like their new play toy!!  She has really taken to Nathan and it is so fun to watch him with her.  Luke loves her as well and well Ethan - it depends on the moment.  He is definitely suffering from some jealousy and will often tell me Linnea is not doing what he told her to!! He doesn't quite understand the language barrier issue.  I know this will all get better with time and I feel sure they will be good buddies.

I am so thankful that the Lord knows us so well and even when we don't understand how He works in certain ways  - it is all for our good.  He knew Linnea would be perfect for us -  she loves shoes, purses and the water - seriously she was meant for me!  Really - someone asked me tonight how I felt about not bringing home two little girls.  In all honesty I do not have any idea how we would have done it!! I know by God's grace - but that wasn't His plan for us.  His plan was for us to have just Linnea right now and His plan is perfect!! There is some sadness that there are still millions of orphans in the world and 277 just at the orphanage Linnea was from - but I know God has a plan for those children too - and as I said before His plan is always perfect.

So right now - I am taking life day by day as a new mother of four and I am loving every minute of it!!


Southern Cheesehead said...

It's so amazing how the Lord works, isn't it?? We've been amazed at the same thing at how perfectly MJ has fit in with our family immediately. And I was so worried when I read her file about how she was going to "deal" with us, but it turns out it wasn't really her true personality at all so it's great! Love keeping up with you via blogs...can't wait to actually talk to you though!! I pray you're getting some rest!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home!!!! I have so loved reading your stories Can't wait to meet your new addition
erin from Germany

Anonymous said...

Every time I think of y'all, I smile and wish I could see all that is happening day by day. The blog is wonderful, and I'm so thankful I am a part of your family. God has blessed me with the most wonderful family.
Love you, '