Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Here are the pictures that were supposed to be on the last post...

Introducing brushing teeth to Linnea. Ethan is demonstrating!

In the waiting room at the cardiologist office

Taking some shoes back to get a different size. Linnea likes to shop!  She loves the purse LeighAnn had made and sent to her in a China care package
Her first Chick-fil-A meal after the Doctor visit. She loved it!!
Enjoying a banana pudding milkshake! Yummmm

Now that was good!!
Relaxing outside!
We were given some power wheel four wheelers from some friends to give the boys. We have been saving these for several months as we knew the day would come when "brothers" were a little jealous of "sister." Today was a perfect day for these. 
They came down the hill with Mommy blindfolded. They were so excited to see these!

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