Sunday, April 15, 2012

The past week...

This past week has been eventful. It has been a while since we have blogged (and several have let us know!!) so we apologize! It has been busy going to Doctor's visits, etc.

This week we took Linnea to the Dentist and also had a feeding evaluation done on her up in Atlanta. The next set of appointments will be speech therapy. The dentist was pretty much a horrific experience. Linnea had never really had a toothbrush in her mouth until a couple weeks ago and we just took her in to have her teeth looked at since they do not clean teeth of children under three years of age usually depending on the dentist. However, when the dentist saw how bad her teeth looked, they went ahead and cleaned them. She had lots of build up and three cavities. She screamed the entire time. LeighAnn stated this is the loudest she has heard Linnea (she usually has a quiet cry even when she gets hurt. This was more of a terrified cry) We were told she does not weigh enough to handle the medicine to get the cavities taken care of at this time so we have to wait six months. If at that time she still does not weigh enough, she will probably have to go to the children's hospital to be put to sleep to get them done.

The feeding evaluation really went well. Our friend Laura recommended a great person to do this up at Scottish Rite. Basically she is "delayed" in how she eats food...she eats more on the level of a 12 month old. However, with some tips from them, she seems to be doing better. Just putting a mirror in front of her while she eats has helped as she can see for herself that she needs to swallow. She will start speech therapy soon and I think in time, she will easily "catch up" to children her age. She is understanding us well so we know she is smart and can learn quickly. She still is not speaking any except for sounds and "uh-oh's" when she drops sometime. However, LeighAnn has taught her sign language so she knows how to communicate "thank-you", "please", "more", "stop" (for when her brothers are bothering her!), "help", "potty" and "all done."

Last Sunday we had a great Easter service at Church. Our Pastor had a wonderful message and it was so nice to have this as our first Sunday back. LeighAnn said she lost it singing "See What a Morning" with Linnea in her arms as this song basically tells the Easter message in song. This being Linnea's first Church service ever was special. The boys were amazed that she has never been to Church before! She sat quietly throughout the service with the boys so it was so nice sitting as a family of six! It was also great having some of our missionary friends back home and re-connecting with so many people. Our Church family has been so supportive and we are so thankful for them.

After Church we did an Easter egg hunt and Linnea loved that as well as the boys. She picked right up on what to do! What a fun day!

On Friday afternoon of this week we had a birthday party for Nathan. He had a couple of his friends over and they played and rode bikes. We can't believe he is already eight....he is growing up to soon! He tells us that he really wants us to adopt an older sibling around his age one day because he says "being the oldest by myself is just hard!"

Friday evening we had the Grubbs family over...they leave in May for China to pick up their daughter so we went through some of the logistical stuff (tips on what to bring, etc). It was a great evening and we are so excited for them.  Just love how the Lord is working!!

Pictures to come!!

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thanks for posting again.....i agree Just Love how the Lord is working!!!