Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy 8th BIrthday Nate!!

I am not really sure where the time goes but 8 years ago today I become a mother for the first time.  Nathan means gift from God and indeed he is a special gift.
I often think back to when he was 2 and he was asking everyone all the time "where do you live?"  He is still quite the charmer and social bug.  He never meets a stranger!! He loves to play legos and be outside.  With summer right around the corner I am sure our days will be spent soaking up the sun.  
He has grown so much - almost as tall as his mama!! We thank God for his good health and continue to pray that he will grow to love God with all his heart.  We pray that Nathan will seek Him in all he does and may God use him to further His kingdom.  Nathan we love you sooo much and wish you the happiest of birthdays!!

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