Monday, April 2, 2012

Cardiologist appt...

We started off today heading to the cardiologist to get Linnea checked out. This is her second Doctor's appt since she has been home. As I was sitting in the waiting room, you prepare for the worst news and pray for the best. I was also thinking to myself..."oh yeah, she is 'special needs' and that is why we are here." Sometimes I must admit that I forget that part....especially seeing all those pretty smiles all day long, hearing her laugh, etc. The cardio appointment lasted about 3 hours and they did a couple tests (EKG, ultrasound, etc). Linnea didn't like the EKG too much but did fine with the ultrasound. Mainly she didn't like the little electrode tape all over her body! The Doctor gave us great news that the hole in her heart was small (and may be shrinking) so she would only need to have a check-up on this once per year. Her feeling is that surgery would not be required (and she is hoping that she will never have heart surgery so that is good as well). If the hold had been bigger, then open heart surgery would have been necessary. Praise the Lord for this good news. The Doctor also stated that her small size has nothing to do with her heart condition. So, basically she feels it is mainly nutrition. Since Linnea had an appointment on Friday of last week, she had already gained a pound by today. Now she is up to 19lbs and still a little ways to go to get in the "normal" range for children her age/height, etc. Linnea is eating well. We are finding out what she likes and dislikes on a daily basis. We are giving her Pedisure each day which I'm sure will help her. She also likes eggs, banana, and is starting to like chicken! She actually had her first Chick-fil-A meal today and loved it! (I am relieved!!!) Linnea still has a couple Doctor's appointments to go so hopefully she will continue to do well.

We came home after the appointment and played in the col-de-sac all afternoon. All the kids love playing outside. The boys were given some four wheeler power-wheels from friends so we gave those to them today (we had been waiting for a while to give these to them as we knew there would come a day when the boys were not so keen on their new sister!). They loved this surprise!

Last night Linnea slept through the night and she just went down tonight at 8pm so I think she is on her new time schedule now. The jet lag has worn off for us so we are ready to get back to normal!

I will post some pictures soon of our happenings today!


From This Moment said...

Praising God for the wonderful news!!

Tara and Julian said...

You'll be happy to know our girls had their first Chick meal after their first doctor appt too! Grilled nuggets, fruit and milk- yummy and healthy! So glad to hear you are doing well!